Does ‘Mannat Murad’ glorify Lies in a Marriage?

‘Mannat Murad’ frequently portrays a husband lying to his wife, which begs the question: Does the show glorify lying in a marriage?

Does Mannat Murad' glorify Lies in a Marriage f

Murad has lied to his loved ones

Pakistani drama Mannat Murad is engaging its viewers every week with its double episodes.

But is it attracting an audience with a typical storyline of an overbearing mother-in-law, an overprotective brother, and a man who is simply caught in the middle between his mother and wife?

The latest episodes of Mannat Murad have opened up various questions where the viewers are asking if the drama is glorifying the art of lying in a marriage to get out of difficult situations.

Highlighting the plight of an only son to a widowed mother, and brother to four sisters, Murad is often caught in the middle of family situations, struggling to find common ground with everyone, including his wife Mannat.

However, the pressing question is, does Mannat Murad depict that it is acceptable to lie to your family so that an individual gains sympathy?

There have been several instances where Murad has lied to his loved ones so that he can get his way.

Whether it’s pretending to break his arm or lying that his best friend was in a coma so that he could go and spend the night with Mannat at her maternal home, is this really what marriage is about?

Episode 23 has received comments on YouTube where most viewers believe Murad needs to respect Mannat as his wife and concentrate on building his life with her.

One comment read: “Feeling sad for Mannat. Murad should also give her respect because his wife is his responsibility.”

Another said: “A husband who hurts does not need a wife who submits to it.

“He needs his mother and father to teach him better. This is where change should begin.”

A third added: “It’s the biggest challenge for men to maintain the balance between their mother and wife.

“Whoever learns to balance can be a successful person in his marriage.”

The character of Razia Sultana, played by Irsa Ghazal, depicts the overpowering nature of an overprotective mother who fails to recognise that her son is also a husband.

Although Razia was loved in the beginning, it seems as though the audience is now finding her unbearable as she continues to emotionally blackmail Murad by constantly asking him to pick between his wife and mother.

The serial stars Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahour.

It has an ensemble cast of Noor-ul-Hassan, Ali Safina, Mizna Waqas, Sana Nadir, Tipu Sharif, Rehma Zaman, Hammad Siddiqui and Rabya Kulsoom.

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