Indian Woman lies on Track Under Train for Boyfriend

In a scary incident captured on video, an Indian woman was seen lying on a track as a train passed over her for her boyfriend.

Indian Woman lies on Track Under Train for Boyfriend f

"Don't you people ever doubt her commitment"

A video has gone viral of an Indian woman lying on a track under a train.

It is believed she committed the dangerous act for her boyfriend.

The video is circulating on Twitter and the incident took place in India, however, it is not known where.

In the video, a freight train is seen travelling at speed past a platform.

But when the train passes, it is revealed that a woman had been lying underneath the moving train.

Fortunately, the woman is unhurt and calmly gets up.

She was seen with her face covered and had been on the phone throughout.

It is believed she had been on the phone with her boyfriend, explaining to him that she did the dangerous act for him.

According to the original Twitter post, this is what the Indian woman shows, proving her love and dedication to him.

The video ends with the woman getting up and walking toward the platform.

The post was captioned: “Don’t you people ever doubt her commitment towards her boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, a police officer shared the video and wrote:

“Gossiping on the phone is more important.”

The video led to a wave of comments.

While some netizens called the Indian woman brave, others criticised her for the dangerous act.

One person wrote: “Hope this is a stunt. if not, this should not be encouraged. It’s a safety issue.

“Surprised that an IPS officer finds it funny and so many just joking without a thought.”

Another commented: “They should be honoured with gallantry awards and given a slapstick as a reward.”

Some people believed that the video may encourage others to do the same, which could lead to fatal consequences.

One user stated that the woman should be arrested.

The user wrote: “Trespassing across railway tracks is a punishable offence under section 147 of the Indian Railways Act.

“Trespassing across railway tracks is a punishable offence with a penalty of imprisonment up to 6 months and or fine up to Rs. 1000 (£10). So she should have been arrested.”

However, others believed the video was fake.

Sceptics claimed there was a time-lapse between the train passing and the woman getting up.

Some wondered that if a woman was lying on the tracks, the train driver would have spotted her.

While the original post claimed that the woman went to extreme measures to show her commitment to her boyfriend, it is not truly known why the woman was lying on the train tracks.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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