Celina Jaitly accused of Sleeping with Fardeen & Feroz Khan

After a troll claimed she slept with both Fardeen and Feroz Khan, Celina Jaitly furiously hit back at the accusations.

Celina Jaitly accused of Sleeping with Fardeen & Feroz Khan f

"There are other ways to fix your problem"

Celina Jaitly was left furious after a troll claimed she had slept with both Fardeen Khan and his late father Feroz Khan.

Celina made her acting debut opposite Fardeen in Feroz Khan’s Janasheen in 2003.

A Twitter user named Umair Sandhu, who has been known to post outlandish tweets about celebrities, alleged:

“Celina Jaitly is the only actress in Bollywood who slept with both father (Feroz Khan) and son (Fardeen Khan) many times.”

Celina came across the tweet and hit back, targeting the troll’s manhood.

She responded: “Dear Mr Sandhu hope posting this gave you the much-needed girth and length to become a man and some hope to cure you of your erectile dysfunction.

“There are other ways to fix your problem… like going to a doctor, you must try it sometime!

“@TwitterSafety please take action.”

Twitter users showed support for Celina and urged her to file a lawsuit against Umair.

One user wrote: “Defamation complaint can also fix him well. Please do that, I advise.”

Another said: “Take some strict legal action against this fraud, don’t let him get away easily. He has been posting nonstop vile stuff against everyone.”

A third commented: “Wonder, how could someone make such disrespectful and offensive comments. Glad to see you are taking action.”

Following Celina Jaitly’s response, the troll launched a tirade against her.

He said: “Oh just shut up! You were a C Grade actress.

“Look at your filmography. You always did soft porn films ok! Married a rich guy and then settled down!

“Selfish woman. @TwitterSafety this psychopath is harassing me. Take notice.”

Doubling down on his allegations, Umair tweeted:

“The truth took a lot of getting to!!

“You very naked in front of director Feroz Khan in his office during Janasheen auditions in 2003.”

He then made a lewd comment about her.

Another tweet read: “She slept with me in Austria that’s why she knows I’ve erectile dysfunction!

“Btw you were a famous ‘Night Girl’ in Mumbai in 2006 and 2007.

“Thanks to me, you got publicity from my tweet. C Grade Bhojpuri actress.”

The bombardment of tweets resulted in Celina issuing another response.

She said: “Dear so-called film critic Mr Sandhu you firstly need to stop calling my magazine cover with Tusshar Kapoor a film!

“You are Pakistani but show fake locations just to be associated with our industry. FYI today 1.6 million people stood by me against your harassment that is the power of MY FILMS.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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