Captain Chandi reaches South Pole for 2nd Time

Captain Harpreet Chandi has reached the South Pole for a second time in what was a solo, unsupported expedition.

Captain Harpreet Chandi lost 10kg during 700-Mile Expedition f


“So I’ll continue to push mine and do as much as I can"

British Army officer Captain Harpreet Chandi has reached the South Pole for the second time.

On January 9, 2023, Captain Chandi, also known as Polar Preet on social media, completed day 57 of her 1,100-mile solo trek.

After being 60 nautical miles away from the South Pole only six days prior on January 3, Harpreet has now reached the South Pole on day 57 of her solo expedition.

But she stated that her stay at the South Pole was not for long as she wishes to cover more ground at a faster pace.

In her online journal, she shared:

“I made it back to the South Pole, it’s an incredible place to be. I didn’t stay very long as I have a big journey to go.

“It has been tough getting here this year.

“I have been skiing between 13 and 15 hours a day, averaging five hours of sleep.

“My cutoff date is around January 22, 2023, which means I will have to finish then.

“I could have finished at the South Pole but I thought about all the reasons I wanted to do this journey and wanting others to push their boundaries.

“So I’ll continue to push mine and do as much as I can in the time I have left.”

The army officer has set herself a target of completing the solo expedition in 75 days.

The only obstacle in her way on her second trek, which she didn’t face on her first expedition, is encountering a glacier beyond the South Pole.

She said: “Seventy-five days is the maximum time I have in which to complete the journey but it’s important to be smart.

“I can’t afford to rush it. Consistency is vital.

“I need to hit the South Pole by a certain point to give me enough time to go down and navigate Reedy Glacier.

“Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions [which supervises all Antarctic expeditions] leaves at the end of January.

“I would run out of food and fuel if I’m not finished by then.

“If I haven’t made it by then, I’d have to abandon the attempt.”

In November 2022, Harpreet Chandi was named Woman of the Year at an annual Women in Defence awards ceremony.

The explorer left guests a pre-recorded message to share her pride in receiving the award. She said:

“It is an absolute privilege and honour to receive the Woman of the Year Award.”

The Army captain, who became the first Indian-origin woman to complete a solo unsupported trek to the South Pole in January 2022, continued:

“There are so many women who have helped me every step of the way, especially when it got tough. So, to me, you are all women of the year!

“It’s really important to help and support one another. I believe that nothing is impossible.

”Wherever we’re from, whatever we look like and whatever our experiences.

“We really can achieve anything.

“And I want to inspire more people to believe that.”

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