Boys, Backbiters and Desi Rascals by Kavita

Kavita Sodha has gone from Desi Rascals obscurity in Series 1 to a main star in Series 2. Speaking exclusively to DESIblitz, she reveals all about Feryal and Solomon.

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

"He is a buffoon...But that in itself can lure a girl into thinking he’s sweet."

In Desi Rascals Series 1, Kavita Sodha was a secondary cast member.

She was pals with Yasmin Karimi and shared the odd moment of hilarity with the Ravalia twins.

But in Series 2, she is one of the leading lights of the Desi Rascals cast.

Her friendships with Adam Michaelidies, and in particular, Solomon Akhtar, have put her under the spotlight.

Kavita Sodha speaks exclusively to DESIblitz, and reveals why she turned down Solly for a second date.

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

What’s the main difference between Series 1 and 2?

“I think Series 1 captured the family element of what being a Desi in the UK is about.

“That’s a very important element. Because as much as us kids in the UK are integrated in western society, our families and where we come from is integral to our character.

“I think Series 2 is more about the youngsters, which I think is more real.

“And I know a lot of Asians like to pretend they’re not dating.

“But I’m proud and happy to say that Series 2 is showing that I am 27 years old, and I am dating.

“I am still very much Indian, and a respectable girl, whether I’m traditional or not.”

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

How do you feel being a lead character in Series 2?

“I’m really enjoying it. I was very much of the Asian mentality that: ‘I’m going on TV. Don’t show your true colours. Be careful of what you say.’

“And I was hesitant in the first season to let go and be me.

“Also I wasn’t interested in any of the guys in the show. And I always told the presenters that I’m not going to put myself out there on the show if I’m not feeling it.

“It seemed as if I was a bit of a sidekick [to Yasmin] in the first series, which I am definitely not in real life.

“I came in with a new confidence because of personal changes in my life.

“And this series I’ve just been myself, and people are responding really well.”

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

What was it like going on a date with Adam?

“Adam’s lovely, he’s a really nice guy. Very respectful. He’s socially aware. Very receptive of my feelings, and what I’m comfortable with, and what I’m not.

“It felt very friendly. It was a date, but kind of wasn’t. It wasn’t head-over-heels love at first sight. And I don’t believe in all that.”

Moving onto Solomon, what did you like about him?

“I surprised myself. Initially, being perfectly honest, I was like: ‘Urgh! What is this guy?!’

“’Apprentice or no Apprentice, just because you’re had your few minutes with Alan Sugar, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen with me!’

“The boy is persistent and cheeky. And in my eyes, not the most attractive.

“His personality and his character has a really strong play in who he is. He does not take no for an answer.”

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

What was the main reason for saying no to a second date?

“Well firstly, because I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t like the way he was telling Adam ‘I held her hand to the cinema’ etc.

“I got the sense from him, [not] that he genuinely did like me, but for more: ‘Oh I bagged Kavita on the show.’

“I sensed that vibe from him. I think if someone comes at with you with such intense force … it seemed disingenuous.

“A lot goes on behind the scenes. I did like him momentarily. I felt he probably was doing the same to Yasmin, which he kind of was.”

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

So is he a buffoon who could never get a girl? Or is he a player who gets all the girls?

“I think he’s both. He’s an underdog. A typical trap that girls fall into, and one I could have fallen into.

“He plays the buffoon. And he is a buffoon. He doesn’t even have great chat.

“But that in itself can lure a girl into thinking he’s sweet.

“But next thing you know, something happens, you begin to like them. And they’re doing the same tactic to five other girls.”

What do you look for in a man?

“Definitely ambition. Someone who will let me be me and grow.

“I am independent. But also quite soft. And I do want looking after in many ways.

“I want someone who gets on with their own stuff. And has a sense of humour and light-hearted.

“And they can’t be showy. It’s cheap. It’s easy. I want someone down to earth.”

Desi Rascals Kavita Sodha

What’s your opinion of Feryal?

“Well, Feryal’s basic, isn’t she?

“Maybe because I was quiet on the first series people thought they could pull a fast one with me.”

“Feryal underestimated me. And fact of the matter was, I was at the party, and Adam was all over me. Solly was all over me.

“That made you feel weird and resulted in you bitching about me to Yasmin.

“The whole world saw that and you got caught red handed, buddy. You looked like an idiot.

“Of course I was going to retaliate. I think she’s a sweet girl but very naïve.”

Catch the episode finale of Desi Rascals 2 on Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 8pm on Sky1.

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