Asim Azhar’s ‘Chand Mahiya’ is an Ode to his Understanding of Love

Asim Azhar spoke about his new song ‘Chand Mahiya’ and said it is an ode to his own understanding of love.

Asim Azhar's 'Chand Mahiya' is an Ode to his Understanding of Love f

"It’s based on a character who’s really enjoying his freedom."

Asim Azhar has revealed that his latest song ‘Chand Mahiya’ is based on his own understanding of love.

The Pakistani singer said that he created the song in his home studio.

He said: “I started working on this song when I set up my makeshift home studio.

“I would spend my nights trying to experiment and explore new sounds, and that’s how I came about this particular beat.

“Once I kind of had a structure, a melodic and musical structure, I started writing, but the writing part is very interesting.

“It’s based on a character who’s really enjoying his freedom.

“He travels a lot, does not believe in love, does not believe in anything spiritual, and just lives his days as they come.”

Asim has been in the music industry for over a decade now and has even tried his hand at acting when he appeared in the drama serial Pagli, alongside Hira Mani and Noor Hassan.

The singer‘s musical abilities have seen him become a firm favourite with music lovers.

‘Chand Mahiya’ has received over 115,000 views on YouTube and fans have come forward to express their pleasure for the song.

One fan said: “A decade of ups and downs, with so many challenges and struggles, but still, this man stood up like a hero and has proved that this stage was only made for him.”

Another commented: “Asim Azhar is one of the most underrated singers.”

Speaking about his career, Asim revealed he was not singing for an age-specific group, but rather for himself.

He said: “The reason why I’m so lightheaded about things now is because I’m making songs that I want to make.

“I’m not putting a criteria around my music and I accept that the margin of failure is more when you start doing that. But I believe in longevity, in self-happiness and self-satisfaction.”

Asim began his musical career by singing covers of Western tracks.

He eventually found himself a part of Coke Studio and sang with the likes of Momina Mustehsan and Samra Khan.

Asim went on to sing the OSTs for many Pakistani drama serials as well as playback singing.

Some of his biggest songs include ‘Tera Woh Pyar’, ‘Jo Tu Na Mila’ and ‘Ghalat Fehmi’.

Asim shed light on his range of songs and put it down to the fact that he enjoyed experimenting with his work.

“I am a sucker for experimenting. I feel that when an artist runs out of creative fuel, that’s when experimentation and collaborations come into play. Collaboration is a very important word.

“You know my new sounds that I’ve been releasing recently, I don’t think it’s a drastic change.”

“You’ll never hear a drastic change from me.”

He also revealed that his most challenging song was the OST for Sinf-e-Aahan, but it was the one he was most proud of.

“It was about six to seven girls, their journey from getting stereotyped to eventually doing something extraordinary.

“That OST took me seven months to complete. A lot of preparation went into it, I was as involved in the script as the rest of the cast and crew was.

“I had to study the script. I had to know every bit of the characters. I had to write six different stanzas on each of the girl’s stories.”

Listen to ‘Chand Mahiya’


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