Asim Azhar raises the bar with Valentine’s Surprise for Merub Ali

Asim Azhar celebrated Valentine’s Day with his fiancee, Merub Ali. The latter shared a glimpse on Instagram.

“Delusional Pakistani rich elites being completely tone deaf.”

Asim Azhar recently captured hearts with a romantic surprise for his fiancée, Merub Ali, on Valentine’s Day.

The couple, who announced their engagement in October 2022, has become synonymous with endearing social media interactions.

Asim elevated their love story to new heights with this heartfelt gesture.

He showcased a deep commitment to creating cherished moments in their journey together.

Fans gushed over the adorable couple’s romantic escapade, witnessing Asim Azhar’s thoughtful gestures.

These acts further solidify their status as Pakistan’s beloved celebrity pair.

Asim Azhar raises the bar with Valentine's Surprise for Merub Ali 2

As Merub stepped into a room, she was greeted by a scene from a fairytale.

The room underwent a magical transformation, becoming a haven of love embellished with an abundance of red roses.

This not only created a visually stunning but also a fragrant and enchanting atmosphere.

Soft candlelight flickered gently, casting a warm and inviting glow.

They were setting the mood for an evening that promised to be extraordinary.

The surprises continued as a romantic dinner followed.

This showed Asim’s sincere effort in careful planning, a testament to his love and dedication.

He lit candles and set up the food on a small table decorated with roses.

Merub, visibly overwhelmed and touched by the gesture, shared photos and videos of the romantic setup on her Instagram.

She captioned it: “King s**t.”

This allowed fans a glimpse into this heart-warming celebration of love. However, they received a lot of criticism.

One person commented: “This is not a good example for the younger generation.”

Another asked: “Why is this surprise set in the bedroom? What message is this sending?”

One remarked: “Delusional Pakistani rich elites being completely tone deaf.”

Many netizens had previously been pointing out their prolonged engagement.

Asim Azhar raises the bar with Valentine's Surprise for Merub Ali

Merub’s Valentine’s Day post provided them with yet another opportunity to bring it up.

One person said: “If you guys actually love each other this much, just get married.”

Another wrote:

“They do everything else but don’t get married. How strange.”

One suggested: “Get married!”

Many thought that Merub and Asim put up this show to spark Hania Aamir’s jealousy.

Previously, Hania had posted a story that she would block anyone who posted Valentine’s Day pictures.

One user noted: “I think this is just for showing off. Asim is giving Merub everything just to make Hania jealous especially because she is single.”

Another commented: “They call this love? Yesterday it was Hania, today it is Merub, and tomorrow it will be someone new. If he loved her they would already be married.”

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