5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

These captivating Indian artists are reaching new heights within Canada, introducing fresh fusion sounds to push the boundaries of music.

5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

She has over 13 million monthly Spotify listeners

Indian musicians have become lively contributors to the ever-evolving Canadian music scene.

Mixing elements of their rich cultural past with modern sounds to create compelling tunes that appeal to listeners all over the world, these artists are introducing new sounds to fresh audiences.

These singers and rappers have made their marks wherever they have lived, from the busy streets of Brampton to the varied neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Interestingly, their tracks fuse aspects of their Indian heritage with the cosmopolitan influences of their Canadian upbringing.

Come along with us as we explore the vibrant lives of five Indian Canadian musicians, whose voices and skill sets are fascinating to hear.


5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

Amrit Singh, hailing from Brampton wears many hats as an author, rapper, spoken word artist, and community organiser.

Under the moniker Noyz, he is renowned for his rap prowess and insightful lyricism, delving into themes of self-discovery and personal growth.

His verses encapsulate both the vibrant spirit of hip-hop park jams and the socio-political commentary inherent in the genre’s roots.

This is especially heard in anthems like ‘Everything Must Change’ and ‘Ode To India Freestyle’.

Notably, his writings have found their way into academic journals and publications.

Beyond the written word, Noyz has taken his talents to stages across North America and the UK, headlining shows such as Manifesto, Canadian Music Week, and NXNE.

His work has garnered attention from Complex, Vice, GQ India, and The Huffington Post.

Moreover, Noyz actively engages with his community by leading workshops on hip hop and mental health, using the transformative power of music and songwriting to connect with and uplift youth.

Add him to your playlists here

Lioness Kaur

5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

Lioness Kaur emerges as a rapper who orchestrates a symphony of diverse sounds and rhythms.

Mixing a medley of beats with profound lyrics, she crafts her unique identity as an artist.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of rap legends, ranging from Biggie to A$AP Rocky, Prodigy to J. Cole, and 2 Pac to Drake, Kaur’s musical influences are vast and varied.

Her style has been likened to Nas, her presence to Young M.A, and her use of syncopation to André 3000.

Hailing from the multicultural neighbourhood of East Credit in Ontario, Kaur’s upbringing provided her with an array of perspectives.

Her Punjabi heritage and Sikh upbringing further expanded her worldview, bridging the gap between the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

Opting to pursue her passion for music, Kaur made the bold decision to leave behind her studies at the University of Toronto.

Serendipitously, the day she chose to embark on her musical journey coincided with the birthdays of rap icons Rakim and J. Cole.

Her breakthrough moment came when Drake followed her on Instagram in 2022, almost co-signing her as an artist for the future.

There’s no denying that her songs are experimental. But, she is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of her sound and daring to be unique. 

Listen to her catalogue here

Deep Jandu

5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

Deep Jandu, a Canadian record producer, rapper, and singer, holds the distinction of being the founder of the record label Royal Music Gang.

Making his debut in 2011 with the album Nach, Jandu garnered acclaim, particularly for his track ‘Daru Daru’.

From 2015-16 onwards, Deep transitioned to releasing tracks as a music director, achieving recognition with hits like ‘Kali Camaro’ and ‘Affair’.

With these anthems, he cemented his position as one of the industry’s preeminent music producers.

His unique blend of urban hip hop infused with Punjabi elements revolutionised the music scene, attracting collaborations with established and emerging artists alike.

In 2017, he made a triumphant return to singing with ‘Aa Gya Ni Ohi Billo Time’, marking a resurgence in his solo career.

Within the same year, he was nominated in the Filmfare Awards Punjabi Best Music Album category for his work on ‘Channa Mereya’.

Subsequently, he released a string of successful singles including ‘Good Life’ and ‘Pagol’.

In 2019, Deep Jandu unveiled his third album as a singer, Down To Earth, which received critical acclaim. 

Since then, Jandu has worked on multiple projects, collaborating with artists like Roach Killa and Rashmeet Kaur. 

Explore more of his work here

Jonita Gandhi

5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

Jonita Gandhi is the inaugural female Indian artist signed to 91 North Records.

Growing up in the culturally diverse milieu of Toronto and born in New Delhi, Jonita’s exposure to arts and Bollywood cinema enriched her musical palette.

Her diverse range of influences spans pop, R&B, and dancehall rhythms.

From her Bollywood debut in the 2013 film Chennai Express to subsequent chart-topping hits, Jonita’s ascent in India’s film and music industries is undeniable.

The transformative year of 2020 compelled Jonita to channel adversity into the art of songwriting, leading her to a profound realisation: it was time to carve her musical path.

In 2024, she released her debut single ‘Love Like That’ with Ali Sethi.

This was followed by her inaugural EP of the same title in February.

Jonita emerges as a potent and authentic voice shaping the future of music.

She has over 13 million monthly Spotify listeners, with standout songs including ‘Deva Deva’, ‘Love Like That’, and ‘What Jhumka?’.

Discover her soulful voice here

Abby V

5 Indian Canadian Artists that are Worth Listening To

Abby V, a native of Toronto is a multifaceted Indian artist who has earned acclaim as a singer, songwriter, music composer, and producer.

With a diverse background in both Indian and Western Classical music, he boasts extensive studio and live performance experience across various genres.

He dabbles in R&B, soul, English and Indian pop, Bollywood, Tamil, and jazz.

Demonstrating his versatility, Abby has graced his hit songs like ‘Dooke Chinuka’, ‘Ghule’, and ‘Mangal Din’ on stages across North America, Southeast Asia, and India.

Notably, Abby clinched victory in the globally televised reality singing competition, Astro International Superstar, competing against talents from around the world.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with esteemed musicians, both onstage and in the studio.

Additionally, Abby has lent his expertise to composing, arranging, and producing a multitude of film scores, soundtracks, albums, and singles.

He can adapt his voice to different styles and themes, but in every situation, he succeeds in creating a vibrant listening experience. 

Check out more of him here

To sum up, the narratives of these five Indian Canadian musicians provide an insight into the rich and varied fabric of the country’s music.

Every artist’s path, from their modest beginnings to their quick ascent to fame, is a monument to the strength of desire, tenacity, and artistic expression.

Audiences throughout the world find inspiration and confidence in their voices as they push boundaries and reinvent the sound of modern music.

Therefore, next time you’re searching for new music to elevate your spirits, expand your horizons and go on a musical adventure unlike any other.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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