Amir Khan says New Asian Boxers need to ‘Stay Grounded’

In an interview, Amir Khan has advised Asian boxers who are just starting their careers to “stay grounded”.

Amir Khan says New Asian Boxers need to 'Stay Grounded' f

"they live life like they are world champions."

Amir Khan has urged new Asian boxers to “stay grounded” while they make their way up the rankings.

The former world champion has acted as a mentoring figure to prospects like Tal Singh and Adam Azim.

But he previously said an “appalling diet” was the reason why many South Asian boxers fail to make an impact in the sport.

Amir has now given his thoughts on South Asian boxers on the rise and what they must do to ensure they stay focused and motivated.

Speaking to YouTube channel iFL TV, Amir stated that he is back in the boxing world, but just to “support the young generation”.

It is pointed out that there are a lot of up-and-coming Asian boxers and when asked how good it is for the Asian community, Amir said:

“I think what Adam [Azim] and Hassan [Azim] are doing, I think it’s only going to inspire other young Asian fighters who are watching them thinking, ‘They’re on Sky, on TV, live fights’.

“I mean people are getting the opportunity to see them fight live, that’s something money can’t buy.

“Why TV is showing them is because they are great talents, they can fight well and also they are pulling in the crowds.”

Amir went on to give his thoughts about Adam, who recently picked up a spectacular win in just 66 seconds.

“I really believe he will go far as long as he stays focused and has that discipline, nothing is stopping him.”

The modern world means there are a lot of distractions for people, including boxers.

When asked what advice he would give to young fighters to prevent them from getting distracted, Amir admitted that many prospects get carried away before they have made it.

“There’s a lot of young fighters nowadays you see, especially in the Asian community, before they’ve won a world title or won an international title, they live life like they are world champions.

“They’re driving around in their Lamborghinis and Ferraris.”

Amir Khan then drew on his own career.

“Look at me, I never got anything before I became a world champion even though I had the money to go and buy a Lamborghini.

“Only now I’ve started to treat myself now I’m retired.

“My message to the young fighters is to stay focused just like Adam and his brother, their dad has got them grounded, he’s making sure that they are going to make the right decisions in life.”

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