3 PIA Flight Staff grounded for making ‘Indecent Videos’

Pakistani national carrier has hit headlines again after three PIA flight staff members were grounded for making “indecent videos” and sharing them online.

3 PIA Flight Staff grounded for making 'Indecent Videos' f

"we have grounded three staffers along with giving them a warning"

Three PIA flight staff members were grounded after they made “indecent videos” and shared them online.

The airline has also issued a strict warning to the three flight staff members after the videos went viral on social media.

They were grounded after posting a number of short clips on popular social media app Tik Tok.

In the videos, two female and a male member of staff can be seen singing and bobbing their heads.

While the clips seem harmless, the Pakistani airline decided to ground them on the basis that they were “indecent”. A spokesperson confirmed the news.

The airline stated that staff members are not allowed to do such things while in uniform and on duty.

Mashood Tajwar, the spokesperson for PIA, said:

“Yes, it is true, we have grounded three staffers along with giving them a warning for posting indecent videos which go against our cultural values.”

The spokesperson went on to say that PIA flight staff members must not engage in behaviour that will tarnish the airline’s image and reputation.

Mr Tajwar explained that the airline always tries to promote its employees. He added:

“Look at the kind of music and gestures they were making. We don’t want the faces of our airline acting inappropriately.”

The Tribune reported that the Pakistani airline has issued a notice to its staff informing them of the consequences if they post such videos on social media.

Watch the Videos of the PIA Flight Staff


This is not the first time that PIA has been in the headlines as a result of staff members.

One high profile incident occurred when a stewardess went on the run. Shazia Saeed was on duty while onboard a flight from Lahore to Paris on April 6, 2019. She was due to return on April 9, 2019.

However, when the flight landed, she left her hotel without informing anyone. Saeed changed her outfit and met with her boyfriend. They later fled to Belgium.

After her colleagues discovered she was missing, they alerted the airline’s management department and an investigation was launched.

A show-cause notice was issued to the missing stewardess by the administrators. It was served to Saeed after she did not notify senior members of staff before disappearing from work.

The notice stated that Saeed must explain before a court as to why action should not be taken against her. A spokesperson said that further action would be taken following her reply to the show-cause notice.

PIA intended to also take action if she did not return to Pakistan to explain her reason for leaving without prior notice.

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