A Charming Indian Wedding by Steven Young

Embrace the village charm of Divya and Kalpesh’s Indian wedding in the stunning photography by Steven Young of STAK Studios.

Steven Young Divya & Kalpesh

“I sneaked into somebody’s home to climb onto the roof to grab an aerial shot.”

“Being in a village in Gujarat, I know how unique and incredible the wedding is going to be,” says Steven Young.

And the New York-based wedding photographer should expect nothing less, for Indian weddings are cherished for its rich cultural heritage.

Spread across three days, the wedding takes place in the bride’s birthplace Gangpur and the groom’s home in Asta village.

Steven joins over 2,000 guests in relishing every magical moment of Divya and Kalpesh’s wedding, whilst creating a stream of extraordinary photos for the newlyweds to remember them by.

Steven Young Divya & KalpeshSpeaking exclusively with DESIblitz, the award-winning photographer describes his approach: “I want to make sure that we grab enough environmental shots to show the location and feel of the wedding.

“To me, it is equally as important to capture the streets and village as it is to capture the wedding moments.”

Every tree, every flower petal, every rice grain, floor tile and shadow – they all serve a purpose in his frame, whether it’s to enhance their aesthetic composition or to tell a story within a story.

If you have never attended an Indian wedding in a village, Steven’s photos will take you there – from a blazing and buzzing kitchen where a feast is being prepared to a front row seat at the picturesque fields.

Steven Young Divya & KalpeshA notably impressive feature of Steven’s photography is the use of unusual angles to give his focus object a different kind of attention.

An elegantly dressed Divya stands by the door frame and is instantly captured in a rectangular mirror, along with family photos on the wall and a grandfather clock stand, symbolising the passage of time.

He also skillfully uses the colourful and sparkly backdrop inside the marquee to elevate the grandeur of the splendid wedding.

Steven Young Divya & KalpeshFor Steven, the highlight of Divya and Kalpesh’s wedding also comes with a very unique snap.

He says: “I really love their entrance on a horse into the wedding ceremony. The streets are lined with people, and I remember sneaking into somebody’s home to climb onto the roof to grab an aerial shot.”

He also tells us that the trickiest part is to make sure he arrives at the correct location: “The driver doesn’t speak english, and after flying into Mumbai at night, it’s a long drive down small roads and through oncoming traffic to eventually find Divya’s village.”

Perhaps brilliance does not come without its hurdles, and a few detours through the alleyways of India have opened up a new path for Steven and his Canon 5D.

Steven Young Divya & KalpeshBrowse through Steven Young’s captivating photography below:

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Images courtesy of STAK Studios

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