7 Best Paintings of Old Lahore To Admire

Painting is a form of art, which has a long lasting impact. We explore 7 top paintings of old Lahore, which are admirable and educational.

7 Best Paintings of Old Lahore To Admire

“I have tried to achieve richness in detail and life to my painting"

Paintings of old Lahore inform and educate art lovers, despite the city changing rapidly over time.

Eminent artists from Pakistan are known for painting the historic areas of the city, incorporating the different elements.

These paintings take into account the rich heritage, cultural and traditional lifestyle of Lahore.

The paintings promote a form of expressionism and realism, covering various subjects. The use of vibrant colours makes the paintings look even more visually delightful.

Watercolours and oil are the forms of technique and process that these artists employ on a canvas.

DESIblitz presents 7 best paintings of old Lahore, which radiate the fact that ‘old is gold.’

Inside Delhi Gate: Old Lahore Pakistan


‘Inside Delhi Gate: Old Lahore Pakistan’ is a unique painting by independent visual artist Saqib Akhtar. Delhi Gate in Lahore is one of the remaining historic gates of the old city.

This gate was named after the city New Delhi in India, as it opens towards east. East is a general direction of the original city.

Saqib covers a scenario that delves inside the gate. From the busy and tight roads to old infrastructure, the painting captures a simple yet rough lifestyle of the era. Men appear to be passing by on cycles and motorbikes,

Using water paints and colour selection, Saqib successfully highlights the environment.

Above all the artist has done justice, by bringing memories of old Lahore to a canvas.

Lahore Nostalgia


‘Lahore Nostalgia’ was a solo show by Dera Ghazi Khan born painter Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi. This piece of art was part of a collection that he exhibited, comprising fifty old Lahore paintings.

The mural covers inner Lahore with very fine detailing. From the outdated infrastructure to people residing in the city, Zulfi dutifully shows the nostalgia of Lahore.

Tracing the historic paths, Zulfi put rich old memories into the stunning creation. Artist Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi spoke to The Express Tribune about the uniqueness of his artwork:

“I have tried to achieve richness in detail and life to my paintings, giving the viewers a feeling they are actually standing there in the old city.

“I wanted to bring about a feeling that one gets when you enter these old streets bustling with activity.”

Old Lahore Cityscape


‘Old City Landscape’ is an astonishingly well-crafted piece by cultural painter Asrar Farooqi. This painting simply reflects the vibrant culture of classic Lahore.

With oil on canvas, Farooqi wonderfully creates the scene of a market street. The historic structures and small stalls on either side of the street look so natural.

Golden yellow, green and other high-intensity colours make this cultural painting stand out.

The colourful hanging little flags also synchronise with the painting really well. Celeste Drewien, an admirer of the painting posts a comment on Fine Art America, stating:

“So full of energy. Excellent piece.”

Bansa Wala Bazar Lahore


‘Bansa Wala Bazar’ (Bamboo Market) is a painting by artist Saqib Akhtar, presenting a historical area of Lahore.

The market is known for bamboo made products and raw bamboo.

Saqib carefully transfers the soul of the place on canvas with small stalls, bamboos, an electric pole and overhead wires. Also, the sky colour perfectly compliments the duskiness of the road.

The artwork offers a refreshing view of old Lahore with a wonderful combination of the colours.

Saqib has created this painting using watercolors.

Old Lahore


The vibrant landscape of ‘Old Lahore’ by Shafiq Raja has held each detail to serve a sense of culture.

The strikingly lit up colours, the beautiful architecture and the stylish awnings are quite evident in the celebratory painting.

Shafiq decorates his oil canvas similar to the reality of this area, adding texture with his brush too.

Furthermore, this piece captures the essence of old Lahore, especially during the sunset. There appear to be people on the road, but with no traffic.

In the far distance, a tanga (carriage) is the only mode of transport visible.

Fruit Market


Muddassir Kazmi who has a specialisation in watercolours uses the same for this painting.

The colourful ‘Fruit Market’ in the painting is visually very soothing to the senses. Uneven roads and fruit vendors in the small kiosks to the side represent the traditional way of life.

The fruit display in the painting depicts reality so that people walking or driving can notice them. Women carrying things on their head a pile of hessian bags makes this mural more admirable.

The artwork is reflecting everything that even strangers can expect from the old streets of Lahore. Muddassir Kazmi comments about his artistic motivation for this painting:

“Lahore is a beautiful and historical city situated in Pakistan, I love its old culture, old fruit market is beautiful place as we see it as an artist.”

Old City Area of Lahore


The ‘Old City Area of Lahore’ is an art piece, highlighting the lively hues of the doors, giving a strong view of the old characteristics.

Lahore is a city of heritage and vibrant culture, and Irfan has taken out that exclusiveness with his colour selection. Blue is dominating the painting.

Hanging wires, worn out walls and uneven doors are the main focus of the piece.

The mural also takes art admirers to the good old days, when there was no emphasis on high-class designing.

Although change is natural, these paintings certainly reaffirm that ‘old is gold,’ especially with many recalling a blast from the past.

From historic structures to the hustle and bustle of inner Lahore, the aforementioned paintings have it all.

The notion of culture continues to support Lahore as an artistic city, inspiring upcoming generations through such paintings.

Painting is an art, which becomes immortal following its creation. With each stroke of the brush using various colours, painters capture the memories of old Lahore so artistically.

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Images courtesy of Saatchi Art, The Tribune Express, Fine Art America, Saqib Akhtar, Shafiq Raja and Irfan Khan Pinterest accounts.

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