The Delights of Pakistan’s Lahore

Lahore is a great city to experience the true essence of Pakistan. It offers great shopping, food, culture and entertainment. It is a city that never sleeps.

Everyone who visits Lahore is blown away by its cultural warmth.

Welcome to Lahore, the beating heart and soul of Pakistan.

The capital of Punjab, it is a lively hotspot of culture and commerce. It is a city full of character, masti and heritage.

With a population of 10 million, it is the second largest city in Pakistan. It is also the hub of the entertainment industry and as a result retains a hint of glitz and glamour that makes it special.

There are also a lot of beautiful and historical places to visit in Lahore. These places include stunning gardens, shopping malls, restaurants. The city is steeped in a lot of history, and this can be seen on almost every street corner.

DESIblitz have listed the top places to see and things to do on your visit to Lahore.

Eating Out

Heng ChengFood lovers will find Lahore a complete paradise. Food is a specialty in this part of Pakistan’s Punjab, and you will struggle to find something you don’t like.

In particular, the world famous Food Street offers a vast variety of different delicacies from around the world as well as those exclusive to Lahore.

Apart from this, there are countless other restaurants and fine dining eateries to take your fancy.

Bundu Khan is located at Fortress Stadium. Their menu contains soups, salads, B.B.Q, mutton, burgers, sandwiches, rice, parathas, desserts, beverages, and juices.

Hardee’s Lahore is another famous restaurant for burgers and fast food. It is located on M. M. Alam Road Gulberg. The prices of burgers are from 350 PKR to 590 PKR.

Heng Cheng is a recently opened Chinese food restaurant at Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road, Gulberg. The environment and food quality is excellent. Chinese Rice with Manchurian and Chow Mein with Black Pepper Chicken Gravy are famous dishes of Heng Cheng. The price per head is 60 PKR approximately.

Hotspot is a one of the best ice cream parlors located on DHA Lahore. The cost per head is between 400 and 700 PKR.

The Sights

Badshahi MosqueLahore is famous for its historical architecture and beautiful gardens of Mughal era.

In particular, Shalimar Gardens was built by a famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Shalimar gardens are situated on Grand Trunk road, Lahore. The gardens measure 658 meters north to south and 258 meters east to west and are surrounded by high brick walls.

The three level terraces; upper, middle, and lower terraces of the gardens are named as Farah Baksh, Faiz Baksh, and Hayat Baksh respectively. They house a total of 104 fountains.

You can find the trees of almond, apple, apricot, cherry, mango, shrubs, and oranges in the gardens. The visitors should come to visit Shalimar gardens in the spring season to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The Badshahi Mosque is the second largest mosque of Pakistan. It was built in 1673 A.D. by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. The interior is decorated with inlaid marble, fresco work, and stucco tracery. It has a vast country yard and four corner minarets.

Wagah Border is the only road border crossing India and Pakistan and lies on Grand Trunk Road. There is a flag lowering ceremony at the end of each day at Wagah border which has been become a place of interest for many tourists.

Lahore Fort was built by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1556-1605 just in front of Badshahi mosque. It has become a place of interest for many people of Pakistan and tourists because of its intricate architecture and history.


Anarkali BazaarThe Mall of Lahore is located on the heart of the cantonment area. It is a large and multi-purpose shopping mall with excellent architecture. If you want to buy dresses, you will find a lot of shops containing the outlets of famous dress designers from all over the country.

Limelight, Tie and Shirt, and Khaadi are some famous shops for English and Pakistani wear.

Anarkali Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Lahore. You can find an extraordinary variety of un-stitched and ready-made dresses for ladies, gents, and kids at boutiques and dress shops such as Saree Mahal, A.M Boutique, Fashion Choice and many other shops.

Auriga Shopping Complex is a famous market for shopping. It is located at Main Blvd, Main Market Gulberg. Libas i Mashrique, J.A.Cotton, and AA Fabrics are some famous cloth shops at Auriga center.

Pace is another large shopping market where a variety of items are available for sale. It offers a huge variety of ladies and gents garments, western and eastern alike. It is located on Gulberg.

Panorama Shopping Center is located on Shahrah-e-Quaid-Azam and Mall Road. It offers a variety of clothes for men and gold jewellry for women.

Where to Stay

Pearl ContinentThe Pearl Continental Hotel, abbreviated as PC, is a 5-star hotel chain in Pakistan.

Pearl Continental hotel Lahore branch is situated on Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam (The Mall). It is 6 km from Lahore Railway Station and 16 km from Walton Airport Lahore. PC Lahore offers a 5-star accommodation with free of cost Wi-Fi and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The facilities include an outdoor pool, a fitness center and tennis courts. They also provide free transport services to and from the airport.

The rates for accommodation vary from £130 to £620 depending on the class of room.

Holiday Inn Hotel is located on Egerton Road. It is a 4 star hotel with a lot of facilities like air conditioner, baby sitting, minibar, restaurant, doctor on call, and many more. A single room price is £110 and double room price is £130.

Sunfort Hotel is another 4 star hotel located on Liberty Commercial Zone, Gulberg. The price for a single and double room is £85 and £100 respectively.

Going Out

sozo world cinemaThere are many great places to hang out for entertainment purposes.

The Royal Palm Golf and Country Club is a national and international sports venue located on Canal Bank Road. Corporate membership of Royal Palm costs 1300000 PKR.

Sozo World Cinema is ranked in top 2 cinemas of Lahore. It is located in Fortress stadium Lahore.

Defence Club Lahore is located in Sector J. It offers many sports including badminton, billiards, golf, and swimming. Eateries include Café Alizeh (Chinese Italian), Moroccan Restaurant, and a BBQ garden.

With so many sights to see, and so many things to experience, Lahore is a must-visit destination to add to your travel bucket list.

Everyone who visits Lahore is blown away by its cultural warmth. It is not a place that you will forget very quickly. With great fun-loving people and the best food you will find in the whole of Pakistan, it is definitely not one to miss. After all: Lore Lore eh.

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”

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