10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

With winter in full force, many of us are struggling to stay warm. DESIblitz presents 10 tasty and comforting Desi dishes that will help keep you warm in the cold weather.

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

The crispy exterior hides a smooth potato mixture packed full of spices and herbs.

Desi’s and cold weather traditionally do not mix very well.

Even British Asians struggle in the blistering wind chill, sleet and rain showers and frosty mornings.

But there are some classic Indian and Pakistani dishes that are made especially for the brutal winter.

They will give you that feeling of warmth and comfort from the point they reach your taste buds and all the way to satisfying your hunger iwhich needs something staple in the winter.

DESIblitz looks at some tasty Desi dishes that are guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the cold period.

1. Sarson ka Saag and Makki Di Roti

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

A classic Punjabi dish, Sarson ka Saag is made with mustard and leafy greens. It’s a time-consuming but delectable dish that is guaranteed to remove any chills.

Traditionally the leaves include mustard, bathua (chenopodium), spinach, radish and fenugreek.

These give a flavoursome but hot and spicy taste too the saag.

It is made with copious amounts of butter and ghee and served with Makki di Roti which are flatbreads made from maize flour.

Try this brilliant recipe for Sarson Ka Saag here.

2. Punjabi Ginger Curry

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter


Ginger is great for chasing away the cold.

It has thermogenic properties which keep you warm while also boosting metabolism and promoting a healthy blood flow that is necessary for warmth.

In addition, chillies are a perfect source of heat. Chillies contain a compound called Capsaicin which give them their spiciness

Try this simple vegetarian Ginger Curry recipe that is certain to do the trick.

3. Haleem

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

A traditional Pakistani dish, Haleem is a broth that contains meat, wheat grains and lentils.

It is a great mix of fibre and protein and is usually served with naan bread or eaten on its own as a soup.

The heavy dish will warm you up immediately and is a perfect treat for winter time.

Try this brilliant Haleem recipe here.

4. Rogan Gosht

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

It is said that red meat is a great food for winter as it is packed with protein.

It also contains a lot of iron that encourages your body’s thyroid hormone to stimulate heat production.

A traditional Winter dish from Kashmir, Rogan Gosht can be made with either beef or lamb.

The meat is slow cooked on the bone, which means that it is tender and delectable.

Try this traditional Rogan Gosht recipe here.

5. Matar Paneer 

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

Another North Indian dish, paneer is a brilliant substitute for vegetarians, who won’t eat meat.

The cottage cheese contains a lot of protein, can be a great fat burner (stimulating heat production), as well as stem hunger and so help with weight loss.

Peas are a great comfort food in winter without adding the pounds to your waist line.

Try this delectable Matar Paneer recipe here.

6. Aloo Ka Paratha

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

Nothing beats a freshly made Aloo ka Paratha straight off the hot tava.

The crispy exterior hides a smooth potato mixture packed full of spices and herbs.

As comfort food goes, parathas are a must have breakfast in winter time. While it can be heavy to eat, you are sure to be warm and content for the rest of the day.

Try this delicious Aloo ka Paratha recipe here.

7. Spicy Sweet Potatoes

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

Dubbed a winter superfood, sweet potatoes are packed full of healthy nutrients.

They are high in fibre, vitamin A, C and calcium.

They are also incredibly versatile, and a healthier option to the ordinary potato, which contains more carbs.

A perfect replacement for fatty fries and chips, have a go at making some spicy Sweet Potatoes here.

8. Chole Palak

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

Spinach is a great winter green full of iron, vitamins and minerals. It is also known for fighting off germs and strengthening your immunity.

Channa, chole or chickpeas are a hearty source of protein and fibre in winter. Part of the legume family, chickpeas are a Desi delight and are guaranteed to keep you warm for hours.

Try this warming Chole Palak recipe here.

9. Moong Dal Khichdi

10 Desi Dishes to Keep you Warm in Winter

Khichdi is a traditional ‘make you feel better’ dish that has been passed down through generations.

Made with rice and lentils, it is the perfect meal for cold winter nights and is great for your digestive system.

Great for anyone recovering from illness, in India and Pakistan this dish is even recommended by doctors to patients.

Try this fantastic Moong Dal Khichdi recipe here.

10. Garlic Chicken

Garlic Curry


Garlic is a well known warming food, and like ginger can ward off any colds, flus and coughs that winter can bring.

Garlic is also good for keeping cholesterol levels low, and is a common ingredient in a lot of Desi dishes.

Have a go at making this great garlic chicken dish that mixes boneless chicken in a garlic sauce.

All of these Desi dishes are sure to warm you up in winter. Full of protein, fibre and nutrients, these 10 dishes are a tasty delight to chase away the cold.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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