How Students can keep Warm in Winter

Is the bitter cold keeping you awake at night in your freezing student accommodation? DESIblitz has a few tips on how students can keep toasty and warm during winter.

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

wearing many layers indoors is just as important as outdoors

Winter is the most brutal time of year for students trying to keep warm.

Battling icy pathways and bitter winds to make a 9 am lecture can seem like an unnecessary chore for those of us who just want to stay in our beds until summer arrives.

But for those whom hibernation is not a luxury amidst frantic finals and demanding dissertations, DESIblitz has come up with some valuable tips and tricks to help keep you warm during the winter period.

1. Layer Up

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

Socks, hats, gloves, scarves and multiple jumpers are the only friends you need to pay attention to during the cold weather.

And wearing many layers indoors is just as important as outdoors. Invest in a dressing gown and slippers. If your flat mates are not keen on spending extra money on heating then a snuggly onesie can abate your nightmares of freezing to death.

No one will judge you for wearing a onesie when you brave the outside for a pint of milk. Your friends will envy you during lectures too as you stroll in fully covered from head to toe.

If style is still too important for you to invest in a onesie, try a poncho style shawl that adds and extra warm layer for sitting at your laptop.

2. Invest in a Hot-Water Bottle or Electric Blanket

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

If your bedroom feels like you’re living inside a block of ice, then you can heat things up with a hot water bottle.

Spend a few extra pounds for a second one, so you can warm your feet and your chest at the same time.

Great for making your bed nice and toasty, they’re also handy for sitting in front of the TV and watching Netflix. You can find some covers for your bottle too, to make it more huggable.

There are also microwave bears available that are warm within a few minutes and last the whole evening.

For a more warmer invitation to bed, an electric blanket is a student essential, but be careful that you use it safely. It’s a more efficient alternative to a portable heater that can rack up ghastly electric bills if left on for too long.

3. Do some Exercise or a Sport

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

While it might not seem like the ideal solution to deal with the cold, doing exercise can actually speed up your metabolism and get blood pumping around the body, essentially warming you up.

It might seem like a lot of effort if you’re feeling lazier than usual, but trust us that it does pay off.

Find some quick exercise routines on YouTube and do them with your flatmates or friends at home in the morning before you leave the house. Even 20 minutes in your bedroom can quickly dissolve the feeling of cold.

If you’re already a gym junkie, then switch your evening sessions to morning ones and enjoy feeling both warm and energised for the rest of the day.

Otherwise, even getting up to clean your room or the house can do wonders. If you can manage to work up a sweat, it still counts!

If all else fails take up an indoor sport like badminton or squash.

4. Spend more time at University or the Library

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, actually leaving your cold student accommodation and spending more time at university can also help to keep you warm.

And yes, it will involve you stepping outside to get there, but trust us, you’ll be better off.

You can soak up some free central heating in the library, computer rooms or the student guild.

The best things (like warmth) really do come for free, and you might even get some work done.

5. Enjoy Hot Drinks and Hot Food

How Students can keep Warm in Winter

Tea is another gift from the winter gods to get you through the cold. A good cuppa at regular intervals during the day will keep your insides warm and satisfied.

Indulge in some hot chocolate recipes or a cappuccino, or even a hot toddy like a Bailey’s latte or hot cider to keep you warm.

Ginger tea is also great for warming up your insides. Try adding some lemon and honey for a tastier drink.

Also try a hot breakfast before you leave for lectures. Porridge is a great brekkie to have and will slowly release energy throughout the day. Even foods like beans on toast with grated cheese can be a great affordable student meal that also keeps you warm.

For those looking to lose a few pounds, we’re afraid that carbs are a really good source of warmth. Pasta, rice and potatoes are all cheap and filling, but aren’t ideal for fitness lovers.

Mash potato and noodles are also great student style meals, while soups are a winter warmer essential.

Try making tomato soup, or leek and potato for a really hearty meal. Stew and Sunday roast are also perfect crowd pleasers and can be enjoyed by all your flatmates together.

Even chilli con carne and Shepherd’s pie is a filling meal to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Keeping warm in winter doesn’t have to be impossible.

Think ahead and stay prepared for the inevitable cold weather. Stay warm!

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