Yami Gautam on ‘The Kashmir Files’ being called Propaganda

Yami Gautam has tweeted in support of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and the subject it highlights. She also urged everyone to support the film.

Yami Gautam on The Kashmir Files being called Propaganda

"It was long due to be told."

Yami Gautam recently tweeted about how being married to Aditya Dhar and that she was made aware of the “atrocities that this peace-loving community has gone through”.

Referring to The Kashmir Files by Vivek Agnihotri whose unprecedented success has taken the box office by storm, Yami urged everyone to watch the film.

Speaking to HT City, Yami says: “We are very happy how the film has been received.

“And it’s not just the success or numbers but it shows what people connect with or want to see or how they feel.

“It is something we have not seen before, so it has connected everybody and most importantly, people now feel liberated when they feel they have been heard and got a chance to express what they have been wanting to say for so many years.”

The actress, who was last seen in A Thursday, goes on: “We have read or heard about it briefly, but we never knew the details of what exactly happened.

“When I met Aditya and his family, they told me all this has happened. And it is so painful.

“That’s the truth and it was long due to be told.”

However, she confesses that she is yet to watch the film: “I will watch it as soon as I can.

I’m just busy shooting and working night shifts plus promoting a film.

“And The Kashmir Files is not a film which you can just squeeze in time for and go or watch after pack up.

“So, I want to take my time. It’s not going anywhere from theatres. It’s not going to be an easy watch as you can see it from the reactions of everybody who has watched it.”

That being said, Yami Gautam reveals that Aditya did book a ticket and reached the cinemas, too:

“He went alone, and tried but just couldn’t enter the hall. It was very overwhelming for him.

“He said it would be too traumatic to revisit all those memories.”

“It would be too painful and emotional to muster the courage to watch and relive the past even if it’s a film.”

Asked if it bothers them that the film is being labelled as a propaganda project, Yami asserts that The Kashmir Files is far from all this:

“This is beyond filmmaking. Also, beyond a point, you have to cancel a lot of things in your head.

“As long as you are a part of something which you believe in and you like it, then you stick to it.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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