Yami Gautam recalls ‘Young Boy’ Filming her without Consent

Yami Gautam recalled an incident where a teenage boy asked to take a picture with her but instead started recording a video of her.

Yami Gautam recalls 'Young Boy' Filming her without Consent f

"A video of… it was so bad"

Yami Gautam opened up about an incident where a teenage boy filmed her without her consent.

This comes after Alia Bhatt called out the paparazzi for taking covert pictures of her at her home from a building opposite.

Whilst recalling the incident in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, Yami stated that a line needs to be drawn between celebrities and the paparazzi culture.

Yami said: “These days anyone can record a video anytime, without consent.

“Some boy came on my farm, a very young boy, a teenager who must be 19-20, and requested my staff ‘can we take a picture’.

“I am very open, you know, welcoming people.

“It’s a small town and people wanna come and visit and talk.

“And, I am very happy to do that. I thought he is taking a picture but he was taking a video.

“A video of… it was so bad, and that person apparently got millions of views, he’s celebrating his vlog…

“It may seem I’m so happy I am getting a lot of comments/publicity but that means that has encouraged that person to do it again with somebody.”

Yami went on to say that the initial video led to many others turning up at her home.

She continued: “Which they did. They all came back at home with cameras and they are taking a tour of my home. I am like ‘what is happening? Where are we going?’

“You are making this so normal for the next generation. Absolutely there has to be a line drawn and everything is not okay. This is not okay.”

Turning her attention to films, Yami Gautam said she will not be a film unless it offers anything solid in terms of her role.

She said: “I figured that, especially since 2019 that while there always be room and space and room for every kind of film, as you said that damsel in distress, I don’t know if that’s really going to work as a characterisation, but definitely not for me.

“Even if I choose to do a very commercial film, it will have to have me doing something substantial in it.”

“I can’t just be there merely as a presence anymore.

“I always wanted to do this that’s why I had a debut with a film like Vicky Donor.

“But people forget very soon. Now they feel like ‘now we feel you have arrived, now we see you doing all these roles’.

“I am like ‘I did that right with my first film also’.

“I was trying to do the same thing. But there’s always a better time for things. I don’t think for me I’ll really work, although I love songs, I love dance. I love to do that… I don’t know how commercial but my idea is whatever film you do, whether it is a film like Lost, A Thursday, for me the commercial aspect of a film is that it should be commercial in the sense that people should enjoy it.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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