Woman accuses Indian Doctor of Sexual Abuse in Office

A woman from Haryana has accused a doctor of sexually abusing her in his office. A police case was subsequently registered.

Woman accuses Indian Doctor of Sexual Abuse in Office f

"He then tried to open my shirt's button and took my hand"

Police have registered a case against a doctor after he was accused by a woman of sexually abusing her in his office.

The incident happened in the city of Faridabad, Haryana. A case was registered following intervention by the State’s Women Commission.

The alleged victim worked at QRG Hospital and had been there for approximately 10 years.

She claimed that Dr Sandeep Mor, the unit head at the hospital, told her to do an extra shift before inviting her into his office.

He then tried to undo her shirt buttons and grabbed her hand, attempting to put it on his private parts.

Dr Mor then allegedly threatened to have the victim killed if she protested.

Following the alleged incident, the victim made an internal complaint, however, they did not listen to her.

She explained her ordeal to her husband. After which, her husband and her friend made a complaint to the Women’s Commission.

A complaint was registered and Renu Bhatia, a member of the Commission, turned up at the hospital and spoke to the victim.

The woman said that her ordeal with the doctor happened on May 24, 2020.

She explained: “On Sunday, Dr Sandeep Mor, made me do an extra shift and then called me into his office.

“He then tried to open my shirt’s button and took my hand and tried to make me touch his private parts.

“When I refused, he threatened me and said that I have a lot of powerful people above me and if you say anything I can even get you killed.

“This is QRG central hospital and Sandeep Mor is the unit head here.

“Since he has been here, he has been doing these type of antics on our floor for a year.

“But when his illicit behaviour got too much I decided to raise my voice on the matter.”

“I appealed to HR but no one bothered to listen to me. All of my management are colluding with Sandeep Mor.”

Following her complaint, the Women’s Commission urged the police to take action. The police recorded the alleged victim’s statement and subsequently registered a case against the accused.

Officers said that the accused doctor will be arrested soon.

Surendra Chaudhary, a spokesperson for the hospital, said that on the basis of the woman’s complaint, the hospital management took quick action and referred the matter to the Internal Complaints Committee.

The woman was advised to remain on leave while the investigation was ongoing.

The matter is currently being investigated and that a decision will be made after hearing both sides.

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