Why does Sarah Khan get Jealous of her Daughter?

Sarah Khan revealed in a recent interview with Nida Yasir that she occasionally feels jealous of her daughter.

Why does Sarah Khan get Jealous of her Daughter? - f


"Alyana is stealing all your attention."

In an interview with Nida Yasir on Shan e Suhoor, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir made an appearance and shared details of their marriage, careers, and their young daughter Alyana Falak.

When the conversation turned to Falak Shabbir’s routine when returning home from tour, Sarah Khan stated that he prioritises embracing their daughter Alyana before his wife.

According to the actress, since their baby girl Alyana receives all of his attention most of the time, Sarah confessed that she sometimes feels jealous of the young child.

Whilst sharing a laugh with Nida Yasir and her husband, Sarah remarked:

“Alyana is stealing all your attention but you should remember that Alyana is only here because of me.”

During the interview, Sarah was also questioned by Nida Yasir about the most expensive gifts she has received from Falak Shabir.

Before being married, she admitted she knew little about brands, and Falak was the one who introduced her to high-end labels and would frequently purchase her handbags and shoes.

He, according to her, has completely spoiled her.

The most expensive gifts Sarah had received from her spouse were then revealed by the actress.

She disclosed that Falak had given her an incredibly expensive house as a wedding gift and had also recently purchased her a second home.

Property and real estate are the most expensive gifts her spouse has ever given her, along with a diamond ring from Dubai.

During the interview, Sarah Khan divulged how it is a dream come true that her spouse is a singer who can dedicate music to her.

She remarked: “Deep down, I had this thing in childhood that ‘I will marry a singer, who will be dedicating songs to me’, but given that, while growing up I had never thought that it would actually happen.”

Following a romantic proposal, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir were married in a fairytale ceremony.

The husband and wife have been quite transparent with their supporters about their life.

They encourage one another’s professional endeavours, and through their social media accounts, we can see them working on their projects and getting updates on their personal life.

As soon as their daughter Alyana Falak was born, they immediately uploaded photos of her to social media.

They were extremely transparent about disclosing their pregnancy.

Also, they discuss their travels, and Sarah is candid about the difficulties they both experienced as parents of their first child.

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