Wardha Saleem brings Russian Designs to Pakistan

Through her exceptional artistry, Pakistani designer Wardha Saleem takes us on a journey to Russia, home of the renowned Babushka Nesting Dolls.

Wardha Saleem brings Russian Designs to Pakistan

"A collection that made use of Basketry, Applique and Patchwork techniques to create a mesmerising effect!."

Wardha Saleem exhibited her Spring/Summer 2017 fashion collection, “MON AMOUR Babushka, My Love,” at the distinguished Qmobile HUM showcase 2017.

With vibrancy and quirkiness as the flavour of her new collection, Wardha created a one-of-a-kind artistic excellence.

The designer amalgamated striking Russian symbols and motifs with her detailed weaving and embroideries.

Intricately designing on an assortment of silk and organza textures, Wardha teamed up an array of vivid shades, orange, yellow and pink florals, with outstanding illustrations of Russian Babushka Nesting Dolls. All ornamented against a kaleidoscopic background of brilliant hues of blue.

Interestingly, the Nesting Dolls are a reflection of the traditional Russian stories. Most admired of all the Russian souvenirs, these dolls carry the nation’s history. Often ranging in a set of five, there is a doll inside another doll and so on.

In Wardha Saleem’s collection, the features of the doll were enhanced using seed beads. Whilst their shapes were noticeable through metallic gold lace, beautifully fixed around the edges. The patterns inside the doll were also noticeable, through sequins, appliqués and beads.

Positioned as a centre or back motifs on jackets and dresses, the Babushka dolls were truly eye-catching.

Shoes and Bah

Further inspired by Russian folklore, Wardha Saleem exhibited hand painted shoes, jewellery and handbags at the HUM Showcase. The unusual sandals featured High Heel Figure Dolls, whereas the satchel style bags were decorated with colourful doll faces and florals.

Additionally, each of these designs was given that signature Wardha Saleem touch of elegance, with gold thread outlines and detailed beading. And most fascinatingly, an experiment of the basket hem technique.

DESIblitz is especially fond of the basket weaving back details!


The designer describes this statement approach as:

“Intricately weaved, aesthetically embroidered – A collection that made use of Basketry, Applique and Patchwork techniques to create a mesmerising effect!.”

Wonderfully carried by exceptional models, including Sunita Marshall, Sabeeka Imam and Hira Hussain, each piece of MON AMOUR oozed a vibrant chic elegance.

Hira Hussain styled a long, high-waist dress with multiple ruffles gathered in various lengths, in assorted shades of blue. Meanwhile, the other key pieces included structured summery jackets, printed trousers, separates and straight-cut dresses.


At the red carpet of HUM Showcase, Wardha Saleem was spotted in her edgy blue wide-cut trousers with the Babushka Doll prints, paired with a plain white top.

A true trendsetter when it comes to styling unique combinations, Wardha beautifully fuses Russian symbolism with Pakistani art and skills, on Western attires.

Art, fashion and culture, all mixed together to create unique masterpieces!

Follow Wardha Saleem on Facebook and Instagram and be inspired by her imaginative collections.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of: Secret Closet PK, HUM Showcase, Official Facebook of Wardha Saleem.

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