US Woman transforms into Indian Bride for Wedding

An American woman transformed into an Indian bride for her wedding, complete with red lehenga. See how her family reacted.

US Woman transforms into Indian Bride for Wedding f

"Your family and you are love."

In a heartwarming video, an American woman wore a traditional Indian lehenga for her wedding.

The video also captured her family’s reaction to her outfit.

The video was posted by Bianca Louzado, a makeup artist and hairstylist while the bride was named Hannah Rogers.

Hannah dressed up as the quintessential Indian bride for her wedding.

She tied the knot with a Los Angeles-based Punjabi man in Jaipur.

In the video, Hannah wore a gorgeous red lehenga that featured gold embellishments all over.

The outfit was paired with statement jewellery, which gave her a regal look.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s hair was styled into a classic bun.

She was seen exiting her hotel room while her family and friends were eagerly waiting outside, also wearing traditional Indian attire.

Upon seeing her, they cheered and clapped in amazement.

The video then cuts to the friends and family members circling around Hannah and giving her a group hug.

A caption inside the video read: “When your American family sees you as an Indian bride.”

Bianca captioned the post: “What a beautiful moment, Hannah Rogers. Your family and you are love.”

The video went viral and amassed over 7.8 million views.


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Many Instagram users loved the family’s heartwarming reaction and took to the comments section.

One wrote: “Cross-cultural weddings are so beautiful and positive.”

A user said: “This is some real reaction after seeing soo many fake ones.”

One person expressed: “Really proud as an Indian, and also love to the American people for loving our culture.”

A comment read: “Could not possibly love this anymore!”

Many pointed out the father’s reaction, who was seen at the front and loudly cheering.

One said:

“Oh my god the dad’s reaction. He definitely still looks at her as if she were six.”

A user commented: “Awwww dad’s reaction.”

A third said: “Daddy’s face is priceless.”

One person wrote: “Look at her father’s reaction.”

Others said that everyone looked great in addition to the bride.

One person stated: “Everyone looks so good!”

A comment read: “Everyone looks so beautiful in traditional.”

A user said: “Matter of fact… everyone looked beautiful!!!!”

There have been a number of marriages where non-Indians embrace Indian culture.

In one case, an American man left his bride in tears when he read his wedding vows in Malayalam to honour her heritage.

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