Student jailed for mowing down Girlfriend in Jealous Rage

A 20-year-old student has been sent to jail for running over his girlfriend at a party after accusing her of cheating on him.

Student jailed for running down Girlfriend in Jealous Rage f

“This was a wicked offence"

A student is serving a jail sentence for running over his girlfriend at a party and leaving her with severe injuries.

Twenty-year-old Lakshmam Samarakoon will serve over 11 years in prison for mowing down his girlfriend Dina Sapra, aged 18 at the time, with his parents’ car.

Samarakoon previously accused Sapra of cheating, because she had messages from another man on her phone.

The incident occurred at a mutual friend’s 18th birthday party in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

While at the party, Samarakoon saw messages from a male friend on Sapra’s phone.

After accusing her of cheating, he stole her phone from her and went back to his parent’s car.

Sapra followed, demanding he returns her phone before Samarakoon reversed the car forcing her to move.

She then began to run up the pavement, and he turned the car around before driving onto the pavement and hitting her.

CCTV footage showed Samarakoon immediately run towards his girlfriend, while she lay on the ground.

He called 999 and confessed to the crime, asking for the police to arrest him because he had made a “terrible mistake.”

The footage was played at Aylesbury Crown Court, shortly before Lakshmam Samarakoon was sentenced.

Sapra was left with multiple broken bones in her left leg. Her injuries were so severe that doctors considered amputating it.

Dina Sapra was an active sportswoman and a straight-A student. Now, she will never be able to swim or play netball or tennis again.

According to reports, Lakshmam Samarakoon’s behaviour was continuously controlling.

He would track Dina Sapra’s movements and messages, and regularly block any male contacts she had.

When Sapra and her family went on holiday to Dubai in 2018, the student told her he would kill himself when he saw pictures of her socialising with others.

Lakshmam Samarakoon pled guilty to one charge of grievous bodily harm with intent and received a prison sentence of 11 years and eight months.

While handing down his sentence, Judge Francis Sheridan said:

“This was a wicked offence driven by jealousy. This was the worst decision you have ever made in your own selfish way.

“This was your girlfriend who you have effectively maimed for life. This was an offence driven by jealousy on a loving girl.”

He added:

“It just shows everybody you can destroy someone’s life chances even at slow speeds if you deliberately mow them down.”

Experts claim that Laskhmam Samarakoon was driving at 17 miles per hour when he hit his girlfriend.

He has also received an eight-year driving ban, which will come into effect when he is released from prison.

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Images courtesy of TVP and Bauer News

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