Sonam Kapoor slams Uber for ‘scariest experience’ in London

Bollywood star, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has condemned the ride-hailing app, Uber on Twitter as she faced the “scariest experience” in London.

Sonam Kapoor slams Uber for ‘scariest experience’ in London f

"I’ve had the scariest experience with @Uber London."

Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja shared her traumatic Uber experience in London on Twitter as she warned her followers to be careful.

The actress suffered “the scariest experience” in an Uber that operates through a ride-hailing app.

The 34-year-old actress claimed that her Uber driver was allegedly “unstable and was yelling and shouting” throughout the journey. She said:

“Hey guys I’ve had the scariest experience with @Uber London. Please please be careful.”

Sonam Kapoor uploaded this tweet on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, to her 12.8 million followers.

In the tweet, she tagged Uber, who reportedly replied with just an automated message.

She continued to condemn the app for their lack of negligence and safety. Sonam said:

“I tried complaining on your app and just got multiple disconnected replies by bots. You guys need to update your system.

“The damage is done. There is nothing more you can do. The best and safest is just to use the local public transportation or cabs. I’m super shaken.”

Hours after Sonam posted her Tweet, an Uber spokeswoman in London acknowledged the incident and stated it was “regrettable and concerning.” She said:

“What’s been described has no place on the Uber app and we’re reviewing the matter.”

This is not the first time, Uber has come under fire for passenger safety. The taxi firm has received numerous complaints and global criticism.

Uber has lost its license for running in Britain’s capital after it had failed to fix a litany of safety issues.

Transport authorities accused the company of at least 14,000 cases of drivers passing their permits to unlicensed relative or friends.

Despite these allegations, Uber continues to run in London pending on an appeal.

Previously, in 2017, a woman filed a US lawsuit against an Uber driver who reportedly raped her.

She accused the company of invading her confidentiality as well as slandering her character.

In December 2019, an Uber report revealed that nearly 6,000 sexual assaults occurred in the United States, which is the company’s largest market, over the past few years.

Out of the 6,000 cases that were identified, 450 were cases of rape. Once again, in France, Uber came under a storm of sexual assault involving its drivers.

A campaign went viral over social media under the hashtag #UberCestOver (Uber it’s over).

This is not the first time Sonam Kapoor has blasted a transport company for carelessness on social media.

Last week, Sonam criticised British Airways for apparently losing her luggage for the second time in the same month.

Whether the star’s complaint is taken seriously, Uber has yet come under negative publicity.

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