Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits?

Highlighting many health benefits, research gives everyone a reason to sleep all nude. DESIblitz looks at why sleeping naked could be beneficial.

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits?

Sleeping naked can ensure good sperm quality.

Bedtime is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, sleeping naked can improve your health in many ways.

Whilst some of us are overconfident, others are less comfortable, and prefer sleeping in their pj’s.

But, experts have revealed that laying bare in bed could help improve your sleep.

For British and South Asians this might be a little tricky to do, especially for those living in large families.

But, we explore the reasons how sleeping naked could possibly improve your sleep and health.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits?

Sleeping naked can improve the quality of your sleep at night.

Dr Mercola puts this down to body temperature. During the night, body temperature naturally falls, and this helps your slumber.

It’s difficult to sleep when the body is too hot, hence wearing those comfy pyjamas will only add to the fire.

Nadia Khaliq, 26 from Birmingham, says:

“I sleep in top and bottoms, but in the summer or when I feel really hot I take the bottoms off and keep the long top on. Feels better that way.”

What feels better is feeling cool. Body temperature is a common problem in getting to sleep.

Many South Asians and British Asians will choose to sleep in pyjamas or Salwar Kameez.

However, it’s not just an issue of clothing. Bedroom temperature can also affect your sleep.

Dr Mercola suggests an optimal temperature between 60-68 degrees that can give the best sleep.

Good Sperm Quality

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits?

Did you know sleeping in boxers can damage the sperm? A study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development investigates further into this.

This is again to do with temperature, as the testicles may overheat. Dr Mercola explains that a man’s testicles are designed to keep the sperm at below body temperature.

However, not everyone is comfortable with sleeping naked. Aaron, 29, from London, says: “I sleep in boxers. But I wouldn’t want to sleep without them cause I’d rather sleep in comfort.”

However, according to Dr Mercola, wearing tight boxers can affect sperm quality and decrease its fertility. Therefore, sleeping naked can ensure good sperm quality.

Faster Metabolism and Weight Loss

Weight-Loss-Feature Image

Experts from Step to Health explain that because the body is cooler at night, the hormones generate body heat. This, in turn, burns energy, aiding weight loss.

A hormone called brown fat is activated when the body reaches the cool temperature. This hormone generates heat. This will then boost your metabolism for the following day.

The level of metabolism is high for those that have a good amount of brown fat whilst resting. It also ensures blood sugar control and higher insulin sensitivity.

A study into this has shown that participants sleeping in a colder room received double the amount of brown fat.

However, wearing pyjamas can prevent your body from reaching the right temperature. Sleeping naked can help regulate this.

Reduce Anxiety

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits - Image 3

According to Step to Health, sleeping nude can reduce levels of anxiety.

There are also reports that if your body is too hot, cortisol levels will increase. Cortisol is your stress levels and this causes higher insulin levels. The body will choose to store fat because of the stress.

This is due to a balance in the human growth hormone and melatonin. These hormones can help reduce anxiety, stress, and even food cravings.

Cortisol levels fall when you are in deep sleep (usually 10pm-2am). The levels rise again when the body is preparing to wake you up.

Ivkiran Kaur, 20, from Slough, believes she may experience slight uncomfortableness at night. She says:

“I haven’t really felt any stress or anxiety at night with Pj’s but it can get a little uncomfortable, especially when I feel hot. I think I will try sleeping naked to see if it actually makes a difference.”

Sleeping naked will maintain cortisol levels.

Younger-looking Skin

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits?

Sleeping in the nude also helps your skin stay young. The human growth hormone (HGH) that burns fat, also acts as an anti-aging agent.

This hormone helps reduce the appearance of spots, lesions and even wrinkles.

When your body is cool at night, another hormone – melatonin is at work. Melatonin prevents the degeneration of cells, slowing down the ageing process of your skin.

But, it’s not just your face that benefits. Other parts of your body including your private areas can also breathe and stay fresh.

Healthy Immune System and Body

Does Sleeping Naked have Health Benefits - Image 5

Ditching the pyjamas can also help prevent illnesses and provide a healthier immune system.

This is because bacteria needs warmth to stay alive and thrive. If your body is cool at night, then the bacteria will not be able to find the warm zone it needs.

It also reduces the risk of yeast infections. Yeast also grows in warm and moist conditions, hence wearing pyjamas well help yeast flourish.

Staying cooler keeps the body dry and prevents yeast spreading. It also helps prevent acne spreading.

Acne can also be a common issue for British and South Asians. As acne gets worse with heat, those already in warm countries may want to deter from sleeping fully clothed.

Blood circulates more easily when naked. Wearing clothes only restricts this process at night.

This will, in turn, benefit the whole body. Muscles and bones are able to function well after a good night’s sleep, especially if body temperature has been regulated.

Happier Love Life

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Sleeping naked all night can improve your love life.

According to Medical Daily, 57% of those who sleep without pyjamas have reported feeling happier in their relationships. This was compared to the 48% that didn’t sleep nude.

Further, the skin on skin contact is a good feeling. It releases the oxytocin hormone, which is the sensual love bonding.

Oxytocin makes a person feel emotionally close to the other and encourages physical attachment.

Also, already being naked will improve the chances to have sexual intercourse. This may also encourage sexual activity for your partner too.

There are many benefits of sleeping naked, as listed above. Whilst it may sound uncomfortable to some, it will eventually feel natural.

However, there is more to sleep than just baring all. To sleep well, the Global Council on Brain Health comprised a number of tips to help sleep quality. Some of these include:

Tips to help sleep quality:

  • Maintaining a regular bedtime and morning routine.
  • Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine.
  • Avoiding stressful thinking before bed.

Sleep deprivation can also impact your health if not treated.

Yet, by sleeping naked, you will benefit from an undisturbed night and will reap all the benefits listed above!

Alima is a free-spirited writer, aspiring novelist and insanely weird Lewis Hamilton fan. She's a Shakespeare enthusiast, with a view: "If it were easy, everyone would do it." (Loki)

Images courtesy of: La Nacion.

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