Siam Ahmed reveals What He did before Acting

Siam Ahmed opened up on his film career and also revealed what career he was pursuing before he became an actor.

Siam Ahmed reveals What he did before Acting f

"there is no doubt I will pursue it someday."

Siam Ahmed spoke about the career he was pursuing before becoming an actor.

His most recent film was Damal and it has received mostly positive reviews.

The actor said: “I am personally pleased with the response I am getting from the audience.

“The movie discusses the Liberation War and the sport. Such story-driven narratives are not always readily accepted by the audience.”

In 2018, Siam transitioned from a television actor to a film actor.

Some fans doubted he would be successful but Siam proved them wrong,

He made his acting debut in PoraMon 2 and the film was a success.

Siam is now solely focusing on films.

Another recent release was Operation Sundarbans.

Speaking about the film, Siam said:

Operation Sundarbans is an action film. I worked very hard on my role.

“The Covid-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges when we were shooting, but everyone put in their best effort and it was ultimately finished beautifully.

“I’m happy with how the audience responded to my performance. I had never acted in an action movie before.”

On maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life, Siam Ahmed said:

“I may have spent the entire day in character when acting, but by the time I get home at night, I revert back to myself when I am with the family.

“It is not problematic for me at all.”

Siam’s upcoming films include Antarjal and Adventure of Sundarban. Both are set to release in 2023 and the actor has high expectations for both.

On the current situation of the Bangladeshi film industry, Siam said:

“I don’t think there are many good movies in the pipeline right now. It is very alarming. Furthermore, all the good films are released around the same time.

“If there was more time between each release, there wouldn’t be a drought of good releases in the industry.”

Siam revealed that he was studying to be a lawyer before becoming an actor, passing the bar in England.

During the initial phase of his acting career, Siam also started his practice in a chamber. But due to his busy acting schedule, he does not have the time for it.

He added: “Perhaps not as many people wouldn’t have known me if I pursued a career in law. However, I do enjoy the work.

“Presently I just don’t have the time to devote to my legal profession, but there is no doubt I will pursue it someday.”

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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