‘Shameless’ OnlyFans Model flaunts Huge Derrière distracting Couple

An OnlyFans model was branded “shameless” after she posted a video of herself distracting a couple with her curvaceous derrière.

'Shameless' OnlyFans Model flaunts Huge Derrière distracting Couple f

"What do you think they are looking at?"

An OnlyFans model was branded “shameless” for flaunting her giant derrière in public.

Shilpa Sethi posted a video of herself showing off her Brazilian butt lift.

Her surgically enhanced backside ended up distracting a couple as they walked through a busy street.

The 24-year-old has become known for her curvaceous figure, having spent £100,000 on plastic surgery.

Shilpa, who calls herself the “baddest Indian”, frequently posts racy videos.

In the video, she was filmed walking through a busy street wearing a crop top and tight-fitting trousers.

The New York-based OnlyFans model then stopped and posed for the camera. Unsurprisingly, this turned heads as one couple looked over as they walked past Shilpa.

In the caption, Shilpa asked: “What do you think they are looking at?”

However, Instagram users were not impressed, with one person commenting:

“They are looking at how shameless you are.”

Criticising Shilpa’s surgically enhanced assets, another said:

“Does not compare to a natural beauty.”

A third added: “Lmfao!! They look really uncomfortable.”

Mocking Shilpa, one comment read:

“With how fake your body is I’m sure everyone is always staring.”

But others were in awe of Shilpa’s body.

One man said: “That boooootay sheesh even I would too!”

Another penned: “I would be looking.”

Fellow OnlyFans model Tayler Hills said: “Who wouldn’t be staring.”


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Shilpa has not been one to be bothered by people’s opinions and previously, she shut down trolls who criticised her for twerking in a saree.

In one video, she was dressed in a sheer saree. Shilpa then turned around to show off her backside in a black thong.

Despite being Indian, some criticised her for wearing the traditional garment while dancing provocatively

But she does not let the hate affect her.

Shilpa explained: “I’ve seen a lot in my life that didn’t bother me.

“I don’t think reading these comments would make any difference in my life or my mental health. I don’t get affected by it.”

Despite calling herself the “baddest Indian”, Shilpa Sethi said she does so because it represents her independence.

She said: “I became this way on my own without anyone’s help – no one in my life was a part of this. I take my own pictures. I don’t work with anybody most of the time.

“I wanted to give up but I never did everything needs hard work whether whatever you do in their life…

“I don’t have a family, I’m all by myself.”

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