Priti Patel dances with Nigel Farage at Boozy Tory Conference

In a viral video, Priti Patel was seen dancing with Nigel Farage at a boozy Conservative Party Conference party.

Priti Patel dances with Nigel Farage at Boozy Tory Conference f

“I’ve just thrown up my breakfast.”

Nigel Farage fuelled ongoing rumours of a political comeback as he sang and danced with Priti Patel at a boozy Tory Conference bash.

A viral video showed the pair dancing to Frank Sinatra’s ‘I Love You Baby’ and the Frankie Valli classic ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’.

This came hours after he had given visible and vocal support to Liz Truss’ attack on Rishi Sunak’s leadership.

The video has stunned viewers, with many sharing their reactions online.

One person said: “When it comes to summing up what’s going on at the Conservative Party conference, phone footage of Priti Patel and Nigel Farage dancing and singing along to ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ could hardly be more on point.”

Giving a stronger reaction, another said they had “just vommed” while another gave a similar reaction:

“I’ve just thrown up my breakfast.”

However, some users saw the funny side, with one person asking:

“PM not present, I presume?”

Another said: “Can’t take my eyes off EU.”

Stating that one of their favourite songs had been ruined, one disappointed netizen said:

“That used to be one of my fav songs.”

Mr Farage has been a visible presence at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, which he is attending on a media pass.

It is his first attendance for a decade and he has refused to rule out a return to frontline politics.

This has prompted calls from some Tory MPs for him to rejoin the party 30 years after he quit over support for the Maastricht Treaty.

Mr Farage is currently a GB News commentator.

Litchfield’s Michael Fabricant told GB News:

“I think we should get on our hands and knees and beg him [to rejoin], we should award him with a knighthood that he should have had years ago.”

Tim Montgomerie, a former speechwriter for William Hague who is now a columnist, tweeted:

“I into Conference earlier with Nigel Farage. He got quite the reception. I’m convinced party members would choose him as leader if they could.”

Earlier, Priti Patel was full of praise for Mr Farage and his GB News channel, calling it a “defender of free speech” as she thanked staff for “absolutely everything they do”.

Ms Patel previously hit out at Suella Braverman’s claim that “multiculturalism has failed”, stating it may have been made “to get attention”.

The former cabinet minister said: “[Ms Braverman’s speech] was very much about making interventions… [but] that is not a substitute for delivery around changes to policy in government.

“Now, I don’t know what the intention was around that, whether it be to get attention [or] have the dividing line… as we go into a run-up to the general election.

“I can understand that, I can absolutely understand that, but you and I are sitting here today, we are the actual products of integration, multiculturalism, dynamic communities, people that love our country, want to contribute to our country, along with a hell of a lot of other people that have done exactly the same, and I think that is something we should be proud of in our country.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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