Salman Khan to get £3.5m per Weekend for Bigg Boss 13?

Reportedly, Salman Khan has struck a huge deal when he presents Bigg Boss 13. He is rumoured to earn Rs. 31 Crore (£3.5 million) per weekend.

Salman Khan to get £3.5m per weekend for Bigg Boss 13 f

He will potentially take home Rs. 31 Crore (£3.5 million) per weekend

Salman Khan is rumoured to have received a massive pay rise when he presents the thirteenth season of Bigg Boss.

The show is one of India’s most popular and controversial reality shows. Bigg Boss 12 ended in December 2018 and the hype around the next season has already attracted attention on social media.

There had been rumours of another celebrity hosting the show alongside Salman Khan.

There was also speculation that Anup Jalota would host the show with Salman as a special guest.

It has now been reported that Salman has struck a huge deal with the producers, meaning that he is set to earn more for his presenting role.

He will potentially take home Rs. 31 Crore (£3.5 million) per weekend, which is two episodes.

Though it is not confirmed, since the duration of the show is set to have 13 weekends, Salman would make approximately Rs. 403 Crore (£46 million).

That is a huge increase compared to his fee for season 12 where he was making around Rs. 14 Crore (£1.6 million) per week.

Salman’s fee for season 12 was quite a big jump from his season 11 fees where he was making Rs. 11 Crore (£1.2 million).

Since the actor used to present twice a week, the total amount he allegedly took home was somewhere between Rs. 300 Crore (£34 million) and Rs. 350 Crore (£39.5 million).

It is said that between the show’s fourth and sixth seasons, Salman used to make Rs. 2.5 Crore (£280,000) per episode.

It doubled to Rs. 5 Crore (£570,000) in season seven and went up to Rs. 5.5 Crore (£620,000) in season eight.

For season nine, Salman was paid Rs. 8 Crore (£900,000) per episode and for season 10, Salman was paid Rs. 10 Crore (£1.1 million) for presenting duties before it increased to Rs 11 Crore (£1.2 million) for the eleventh season.

While none of the contestants have been announced for Bigg Boss 13, expect them to be revealed over the next month or two.

The thirteenth season is set to premiere on September 29, 2019.

Apart from presenting Bigg Boss, Salman Khan is coming off the success of Bharat. It released on June 5, 2019.

The film became Salman’s highest opening film ever. It also had the highest opening for 2019, making Rs. 42 Crore (£4.7 million).

Bharat‘s success prompted Salman to thank his fans on Twitter.

Salman Khan is currently enjoying the success of Bharat and it looks like his deal for Bigg Boss 13 has been successful if the rumours are true.

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