Salman Khan & Shehnaaz Gill get emotional on Bigg Boss 15

A video from the grand finale episode of Bigg Boss 15, in which Salman Khan and Shehnaaz Gill have an emotional reunion, has gone viral.

Salman Khan & Shehnaaz Gill get emotional on Bigg Boss 15 - f

They both wipe tears from their eyes.

A clip from the upcoming grand finale of Bigg Boss 15 shows an emotional moment between Salman Khan and Shehnaaz Gill, who is appearing as a guest on the episode.

In a video from the grand finale posted by Colors TV, Salman is seen welcoming Shehnaaz on the stage.

As she reaches Salman, Shehnaaz is seen getting emotional.

Before her voice trails off, Salman says: “I got emotional seeing you.”

At this, Salman hugs Shehnaaz to console her.

As they both hug, the camera pans to their faces and they can be seen sporting a sombre expression.

Salman lets go of Shehnaaz after the hug and they both wipe tears from their eyes.

Shehnaaz Gill was last seen on the sets of Bigg Boss 15 as a guest alongside her close friend Sidharth Shukla.

Sidharth died in September 2021 at the age of 40 after a heart attack.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth met during their stay in Bigg Boss 13.

Their close bond became one of the highlights of the season.

Their pairing, dubbed ‘SidNaaz’ by fans, came to be appreciated by fans and celebrities alike.

Salman Khan, who was also the host of Bigg Boss 13, has spoken about his fondness for the two in the past.

In the upcoming grand finale, Shehnaaz Gill will perform a special musical number as a tribute to Sidharth.

The promotional video also shows a montage of Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s moments from the Bigg Boss house, followed by Shehnaaz saying:

“Dear Sidharth, For me, you are always here.”

She then performs a song in which, the lyrics talk about longing, separation and reunion.

After Sidharth’s death, Shehnaaz has remained low-key and is often seen spending time with the late actor’s family.

Shehnaaz’s appearance on the grand final episode comes days after she shared a statement that was issued by Sidharth’s family.

The statement read: “We, as a family, come with a request, which we hope everyone will respect.

“Sidharth has moved on and no longer can he make decisions for himself, but he’s still an integral part of our lives and our memories and we are there to protect his wishes.

“We request everyone who wants to use Sidharth’s name and/or face in any project, please reach out to us. Please take a moment to ask us.

“We knew Sidharth’s choices, we knew what he would have wanted and our decisions for him would be keeping all this in mind.

“And if there were projects that he wasn’t happy with, we are sure he wouldn’t want them released.

“So please let’s keep his wishes in mind and let’s remember him with love, with respect, with fond memories, the ones he left us with.”

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