Shehnaaz Gill on Coping with Sidharth Shukla’s Death

In a conversation, Shehnaaz Gill remembered her close friend Sidharth Shukla and explained how she coped with his sudden death.

Shehnaaz Gill opens up about Life post Bigg Boss 13

"He taught me so much."

Shehnaaz Gill remembered her close friend Sidharth Shukla in a video on her YouTube channel.

The popular Punjabi actress and Sidharth met on Bigg Boss 13 and grew close, leading to rumours that they were in a relationship.

However, they never confirmed or denied it.

Sidharth went on to win the reality show.

In September 2021, Sidharth suddenly passed away after suffering a heart attack, leaving Shehnaaz and fans distraught.

Shehnaaz has now spoken about how she has coped with Sidharth’s death during a conversation with spiritual teacher BK Shivani.

During the conversation, she revealed that she would often tell Sidharth that she wanted to speak to BK Shivani.

Shehnaaz said: “I would often tell Sidharth that I want to talk to Sister Shivani. I really like her.

“He always said ‘Yes, definitely, it’ll happen, you chill’ and then, it happened. I always had the intention and that probably reached you in some way. So then we connected.”

She went on to say that Sidharth made her strong and taught her a lot.

“I often think how that soul gave me so much knowledge. I could not analyse people before.

“I was very trusting and I was really innocent at that time but that soul taught me a lot in life.

“God made me meet that soul and kept us together as friends so that he could teach me something in life.

“In those two years, I learnt so much. My path was going to go towards God and that is probably why this soul came to my life. He taught me so much. He made me meet people like you. I could strongly handle everything. I am so strong now.”

Discussing the personal loss, Shehnaaz said:

“We should always learn to live with a person’s happy memories.

“We think about that person would not let me make a bad decision. That doesn’t mean it is his message.

“I think about the experiences I had with him that I only have to do good and stay on the right path. Else, we wouldn’t be able to connect with that person.”

Shehnaaz also revealed the biggest lesson she learnt since Sidharth’s death:

“No one can nurse your heart but you yourself can. Not even your family or relatives.”

BK Shivani added: “Your heart belongs to you. You are the owner of your heart and you create your own thoughts.

“If you create painful thoughts, we have to come ourselves to change our thoughts.”

Shehnaaz Gill explained that crying over someone’s death will only worsen things.

BK Shivani stated that taking care of mental health after someone’s death is very important.

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