Shehnaaz Gill opens up about Life post Bigg Boss 13

Shehnaaz Gill admits that since Bigg Boss 13, she has matured as an individual, however, she adds that she still is “the best” of herself.

Shehnaaz Gill opens up about Life post Bigg Boss 13

"Those who love me, I have to love them back."

Shehnaaz Gill introduced herself as ‘Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’ when she first appeared on the reality show Bigg Boss 13 in 2019.

Soon after the show ended, she earned a massive fan following with countless fan clubs rooting for her on social media.

And the actress doesn’t hesitate in saying: “Nothing has come to me easily or before time.

“I believe if something comes to you too soon, it goes away soon. I’m working hard and I’ll continue to do so because I want to earn more of this love.”

Shehnaaz visited Gurugram on May 7, 2022, to attend a campaign Brahma Kumaris.

She obliged the fans who had come to see her, with as many as 500 selfies and pictures. And before leaving, she made sure to ask everyone: “Happy? Satisfied?”

She added: “Only if my fans are satisfied, will I get satisfaction, because these are the people who support me day and night.

“So, those who love me, I have to love them back.”

An already established name in the Punjabi entertainment industry, Shehnaaz became a sensation after her stint on Bigg Boss.

Shehnaaz Gill believes that rather than changing, she has evolved since the conclusion of the reality show:

“I think I am the same. I’ve improved a lot in terms of my knowledge and how I can understand things better.”

While she is aspiring to work in Bollywood, she asserts that she will always stay connected to her roots:

“You can see how Punjabi reflects in the way I talk. No matter where you live, your place of birth and where you started your journey, it never leaves you.

“Mumbai has its charm; it’s the city of dreams.

“It was my dream to come into this industry, and I’m so happy that I’m living here now.”

Shehnaaz’s style and fashion choices have certainly evolved of late.

Her airport looks and glamourous photoshoots have been making quite a buzz on social media.

Shehnaaz Gill said: “Fashion comes naturally to me and it has been something innate.

“Earlier, I had limited earnings, so I did styling according to that. Also, I wasn’t comfortable in jeans back then because everyone can’t carry them with that weight.

“Many do it beautifully but I was most comfortable in suits.

“But now that I’m making more money, I can style myself better.”

Shehnaaz Gill also shared a body positivity message with those who often let other people’s opinions affect them for the way they look:

“Whatever way God has made you, it is perfect, so we should never regret the way we look.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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