Bigg Boss 15’s Ieshaan Sehgaal opens up about Sexuality

Former ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Ieshaan Sehgaal has opened up about his sexuality following numerous relationship rumours.

Bigg Boss 15's Ieshaan Sehgaal opens up about Sexuality f

"a relationship with him are all fake rumours."

Following the ongoing rumours about his love life, Ieshaan Sehgaal opened up about his sexuality.

While on Bigg Boss 15, it was speculated that he and fellow contestant Rajiv Adatia sparked a relationship.

However, Ieshaan clarified the relationship and said that Rajiv was a “good friend”, adding that the rumours were fake.

When Bigg Boss 15 began, Ieshaan and Miesha Iyer sparked romance rumours.

After both were evicted, Miesha confirmed that she and Ieshaan are in a relationship.

On the fake relationship rumours with Rajiv, Ieshaan said:

“I have said this before and will repeat it that he (Rajiv Adatia) is a good friend.

“But talks about a relationship with him are all fake rumours.

“I’m an unfiltered person and on the show, I would speak without thinking or any fear and take a stand. I am the way I am, I don’t care about anything.

“Whatever my sexuality is, it is. I’m not trying to cover up anything.

“If I have the guts to go inside a room with my girlfriend and tell a man, ‘This is national television, say what you have to say’, then it clears there is nothing like that.”

He went on to speak about his girlfriend, putting to bed any speculation that he and Rajiv entered a romantic relationship on Bigg Boss 15.

Ieshaan continued: “This is my love. It started here and will stay here.

“Whatever stand I took, it was to clear any doubts she had since it had been a really short time together.”

“If a person came inside the show and created doubts that would affect my image and create doubts in my girlfriend’s mind, then I would go to any extremities for that, as long as I know I’m right.”

Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer entered the reality show on day one while Rajiv Adatia was a wildcard.

Since entering the house, Rajiv suggested that Ieshaan keep a distance from Miesha.

The pair also got into an argument after Rajiv claimed that he and Ieshaan shared a “close” relationship.

On the show, Rajiv had said: “Ieshaan and I share a close relationship.”

This angered Ieshaan and he replied: “The way you are portraying everything, I am looking wrong. I am a straight guy.”

Rajiv then said: “Don’t make me open my mouth about what happened outside.”

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