‘Riddiculous’ Viewers rant at Ranvir Singh’s ‘Boring’ Gameshow

Ranvir Singh’s ‘Riddiculous’ returned to ITV for a second series but viewers were unimpressed and slated the “boring show”.

Riddiculous' Viewers rant at Ranvir Singh's 'Boring' Gameshow f

“Riddiculous really is boring af to watch!”

Ranvir Singh’s Riddiculous returned to ITV for its second season. However, viewers ranted about the gameshow.

Some even switched off just minutes into the show.

Riddiculous combines riddles with general knowledge.

Ranvir hosts the gameshow while its riddle master is playwright Henry Lewis.

Opening the new series, Ranvir celebrated the New Year and said:

“Happy New Year, and welcome to a brand new series of Riddiculous.

“This is the ridiculously clever show where three teams of riddle solvers take on our devious riddle master.”

Turning to her co-host, she asked:

“Hello, Henry, so what do you have in store for us today?”

Henry greeted her and said:

“I think you’re going to like today’s riddles, Ranvir. They are some of my finest.”

Kicking off the show, he asked: “What will a mechanic do to a car with no tread or just do themselves after many years instead?”

Welcoming teams Duncan and Glen, Sophie and Molly, and Kay and Hashim, to the show, it was Sophie who guessed the answer correctly, saying:


Unfortunately, viewers were not impressed.

Taking to X, one person slammed the gameshow:

Riddiculous really is boring af to watch!”

Another elaborated on some of the show’s “boring” elements, saying:

“Boring presentation! Boring presenters! Just a boring show.

“Where’s that paint brush so I can watch some paint dry as it’ll be much more exciting than this show.”

A third agreed: “Riddiculous could be an okay quiz programme if it wasn’t for the presenters and their dire presentation.

“They didn’t learn anything from the first series.”

One viewer felt the dynamic between Ranvir and Henry is too forced, tweeting:

“There’s just something missing, like some chemistry or an atmosphere. It just seems a bit cold.”

One social media user switched off just over a minute into the ITV show, saying:

“1 minute and 45 seconds. That’s how long I lasted. It lives up to its name.”

The viewer then aimed a jibe at the presenters, adding:

“GMTV presenters are so wooden, whoever thought this would be a good idea?”

Kay and Hashim got to the final round and, after answering as many riddles as they could within the time limit, earned a total of £1,925.

Kay and Hashim had the chance to increase their money to £3,850 by answering a final riddle within 20 seconds.

However, they decided to go home with what they had rather than risk losing it all.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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