Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

Ramina Ashfaque hails as a stunning fashion model, who sizzles and smoulders. Not only is she Miss Pakistan 2016, but she hopes to win Miss Earth 2017!

Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

"Persistence is the key to tackle any of your goals."

When you realise the true purpose of your life, it doesn’t matter where you were born. You surely will find a way to prove yourself. Ramina Ashfaque from Pakistan falls under this category.

While she first pursued a degree in Broadcast Communications at Florida International University, she realised her true passion lied in modelling and fashion.

“Modelling is a fun hobby and I love it,” says Ramina Ashfaque. And she has certainly proven her worth by winning Miss Pakistan World in 2016. Of which means she will represent the country at Miss Earth in 2017.

But let’s take a look back at this glamorous model’s journey.

Achieving her Dreams

Born in Karachi, she became the youngest daughter from a family of four. They moved to the United States at a later stage and Ramina first started beauty pageants in 2014.

The Pakistani model quickly earned a name for herself as she became Runner-Up in the Miss India Florida 2014 pageant. At the time, she showed herself to hail as an inspirational figure to others, saying:

“I want to give hope and confidence to little girls around the world that you can do whatever you aspire to.” She carried that message with her throughout her modelling career.

Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

Her first experience with Miss Pakistan World came in 2015. While she only succeeded as Runner-Up, this didn’t dash her hopes. Instead, it spurred her on to achieve her dreams. She says: “Persistence is the key to tackle any of your goals.”

The desire to set the bar high commands a person to fight harder. No matter how close they are to the downfall.

In the following year, Ramina Ashfaque achieved her first big win at the Miss World Florida beauty pageant. After this magnificent achievement in her career, the model later came back to Miss Pakistan World stronger with confidence. She eventually won the title in October 2016.

Now, this win means she will represent Pakistan at the Miss Earth 2017 contest, scheduled for 4th November 2017.

Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

Sizzling Photo Shoots

While Ramina Ashfaque has earned a dazzling reputation in beauty pageants, she also hails as a remarkable model.

On social media, she regularly shares fans images of her latest photo shoots. She always looks stunningly hot in bikini shoots. Her beautiful curves seem to hail as her greatest assets for her success in the fashion industry.

Glancing through her images, she smoulders in such a way that you cannot take your eyes off her coquettish curves.

Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

Her break into the fashion industry set off when she engaged in showbiz. The Pakistani beauty explains: “I initially pursued the entertainment industry just for fun, but now I am pursuing something close to my heart.”

Helping the Disadvantaged

Ramina Ashfaque’s life as a model in the fashion industry is just one side of the coin. Besides competing in beauty pageants, she has also proved to act as a charitable figure by helping many worthy causes which help destitute children.

These include becoming an advocate for March of Dimes, a charity that aims to end infant mortality by improving the health of mothers and babies. The model says: “As a Miss World America, I have a mission to help the disadvantaged children around the world.”

Ramina Ashfaque ~ A Sizzling Pakistani Model

A versatile person, Ramina enjoys painting, as well as travelling and indulges in her adventurous side with water sports.

Ramina explains that she has “compassion. I have determination. I have love. I have plans.”

However, she craves for the big screen. The beauty pageant star reveals: “I have a passion for acting and my biggest dream is to land in Bollywood.”

Given her stunning figure, it’s no wonder if she does indeed become an actress in the near future.

Her prestigious pageant titles speak volumes about her success. The way she walks the ramp with the confidence and her ambitious plans about her career makes it clear that she definitely has an intended purpose on this planet.

And with the Miss Earth 2017 contest approaching, Ramina hopes to add one more title to her belt. One that will undoubtedly bring more opportunities towards this Pakistani beauty.

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Images courtesy of Ramina Ashfaque's Official Instagram.