PSL Releases first-ever Music Album ‘Taranay’

Pakistan Super League celebrates six years with their first-ever music album, ‘Taranay’, on their official YouTube channel.

PSL Releases first ever Music Album 'Taranay' f

"Cricket and music have been inseparable"

To celebrate six glorious years of Pakistan’s premier cricket league, PSL’s official YouTube channel released its first-ever music album Taranay.

The album has six songs altogether, mostly from new artists.

On the release of the album, PSL tweeted:

“Of all the languages spoken in Pakistan, one of the most important ones is music itself.

“These are the taranay to set the mood and tone for this season. We hope they are the soundtrack to your season.”

When the PSL anthem, ‘Groove Mera’, released earlier in February 2021, fans had mixed feelings and reminisced about the older versions.

‘Groove Mera’ released on February 6, 2021, and featured Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners.

Despite gaining millions of views and trending on YouTube, it received a fair amount of criticism.

Some debates on social media were so intense that celebrities intervened and defended the creators and singers.

‘Groove Mera’ was performed at the PSL opening ceremony alongside the entertainers, Imran Khan and Atif Aslam.

Pakistani cricket lovers now have a range of songs they can listen to and groove over.

The album features songs by Khumariyaan, Lyari Underground, Maanu and Rozeo, Janoobi Khargosh and Talal Qureshi.

The curator of the album, Natasha Noorani, tweeted:

Cricket and music have been inseparable for me growing up and I’m thrilled to have played a part in curating the sound of cricket in my lifetime.”

From pop music to hip hop, rap to traditional, the album has an element for every ear.

Maanu and Rozeo contributed to the catchy rap, ‘Googly’.

Lyari Underground sung ‘Laibo’, which has lyrics in multiple languages including Balochi, English and Urdu.

Janoobi Khargosh put forward a slow beat, ‘Baazi Paltegi Yahan’.

Khumariyaan presented folk tunes in ‘Maidaan’.

Talal Qureshi kicked it off with ‘6ixer’, a number that leaves the listener cheering.

Reactions from fans have started coming in and appreciation has been recorded so far.

‘Laibo’ and ‘Sixer’ are two songs that have stood out by far.

Whether the songs in the album are as good as those from the previous years, we are yet to find out.

Cricket is the most loved sports in Pakistan. Anything and everything that relates to the sport is welcomed by the masses.

With the PSL currently taking place in the country, the album is expected to be the talk alongside the match excitement.

Listen to ‘6ixer’:


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