How to Protect your Skin in Winter

Harsh winter weather can be a nightmare for your skin. So how can you keep your skin soft and glowing in the bitter cold? DESIblitz has a few tips and tricks.

Winter Skin

Hot showers may seem like heaven, but for your skin its hell.

Blustering winds, intense rain and freezing temperatures mean the start of the marmite season, winter.

Unfortunately when you open your window and see torrential downpour, life does not stop.

Christmas parties, work meals and dates mean you still have to look shining, even if the weather isn’t.

Taking care of your skin has always been vital, but many of us forget that the harsh winter weather means a change in your skin condition.

DESIblitz has some useful tips on ways to keep your skin glowing and healthy during the winter months.

Hydrate your Eyes

Eye CareEyes are the windows to the soul, or so they say. Enduring the temperamental winds in Britain is never easy, but our poor eyes suffer such as much as we do.

Being exposed to cold air dries out the skin, and because most of us forget to moisturise just that area, they are left dehydrated.

Taking extra care and using an eye roll on moisturiser or even your everyday face cream will make all the difference. Dap on a drop on your fingers and massage in a circular motion clockwise to stimulate your eyes, leaving them hydrated and refreshed.

Avoid Hot Showers

Showers WinterHot showers may seem like heaven, but for your skin its hell.

There’s nothing more you want after a long and wet day then to stand in the shower with hot water cuddling your body, but for your skin this actually leaves it suffering.

The steam from the shower dries out your skin incredibly and can leave you with spots.

To help this, moisturise as soon as you get out the shower before your pores close up dehydrated.

Keep Moisturising

moisturise in winterMoisturising is the simplest way to take care of your skin. You may love your favourite Dove lotion and use it three times a day, however most people forget that using the same lotion all year around doesn’t protect the skin’s delicate nature.

For the dry and cold months opt for a lotion that has petrolatum, mineral oil or glycerin, such as all of the Body Shop’s hemp collection.

Use Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm WinterLipstick isn’t an alternative to lip balm. Were all guilty of it sometimes; using a bit of lipstick while you’re out to cover up your chapped lips does not work.

The lipstick will sit on your lips, in-between the creases and give no moisture to the lips – unless it is a lipstick with a moisturising element.

Buying a small lip balm such as the Carmex range will last you the entire winter and take away any chapped lips in a few days. It’s important to keep those lips looking luscious, even in its natural colour.

Have a Facial

Facial WinterFacials don’t have to cost you money. When we think of an effective facial, we think of steam machines and professional products, which all cost money; however you can do a number of fruit facials at home.

Fruits such as bananas, oranges, Kiwi and berries can all be mashed together to create a rather horrible but lovely smelling facial.

Rub a small amount of lemon or orange peels underneath your eye bags to help reduce them.

Stay Covered

Stay CoveredThe obvious one is to keep covered. Using gloves and a nice scarf to wrap you up will not only help reduce the likelihood of getting a cold, but stops your skin from overexposure to the wind.

So before you head outside, think about the skin you have on show and if you can cover it to protect yourself.

Drink Water

WaterDrinking water really does help everything. You will be told time and time again that drinking water will help reduce infections, fight off colds and headaches and generally keep your body healthy.

Although the amount you drink does not affect everyone’s skin condition, it can certainly help retain the glow and re-hydrate the skin after a harsh day in the cold.

Taking care of your skin can be an easy job, so don’t let your skin regime slip and follow DESIblitz’s advice to achieve healthy looking skin this winter.

Huma is a Media student with a passion for writing anything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Being a bookworm, her motto in life is: "If you only read what everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."