Pakistani Woman stoned to death by Husband & his Brother

In what is being treated as an honour killing, a Pakistani woman was allegedly stoned to death by her husband and his brother.

Pakistani Woman stoned to death by Husband & his Brother f

severe torture was inflicted on the Pakistani woman.

A Pakistani woman was brutally stoned to death in an honour killing. It is believed that she was killed by her husband and his brother.

The incident happened in the district of Jamshoro, Sindh.

The matter came to light on June 27, 2020, when National Highway and Motorway Police found a mutilated body near the Indus Highway.

Police identified the victim as 24-year-old Waziran, a resident of Wadda Chachar village.

She was found with severe head injuries, leading police to believe that she was pelted with stones and repeatedly hit with a wooden stick.

Her death has been treated by police as an honour killing.

According to a police officer, Waziran was killed following a row with her husband’s family over the tradition of ‘watta satta’.

‘Watta satta’, or bride exchange, is when a brother-sister pair is married off to the same family.

The custom has long been criticised by human rights organisations due to the threat of violence to women when family feuds occur.

The woman’s body was sent for a post-mortem.

A post-mortem report confirmed that severe torture was inflicted on the Pakistani woman. She suffered a fractured skull as well as her neck and facial bones broken.

There were also severe injuries all over the woman’s body. It was concluded that head injuries led to her death.

Police informed Waziran’s husband and father about the matter.

According to police, her father, Gul Muhammad initially claimed that she had died in a road accident.

He later retracted the statement and said that she was murdered by her husband Allah Baksh and his brother Kareem.

It has been reported that since being informed of her death, Gul has been seen beside his daughter’s grave, crying for justice.

Human rights lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo took to Twitter and wrote:

“The rural feudal and tribal areas of Pakistan have been turned into killing fields for women.”

Following Gul’s allegations, Allah and Kareem have been arrested. They remain in police custody.

Allah denied any wrongdoing and gave a statement, alleging that Waziran’s own family were responsible for stoning her to death.

He said they killed her because they did not approve of her decision to marry him.

Three officers are leading the investigation and are continuing to find out what happened to the young woman and why.

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