Pakistani Woman’s Head Shaved by Husband & Brother-in-law

A Pakistani woman’s head was shaved by her husband and brother-in-law. An investigation was subsequently launched.

Pakistani Woman's Head Shaved by Husband & Brother-in-law f

“It’s greed, plain and simple."

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani woman’s head was shaved by her husband and brother-in-law.

The distressing case of gender-based violence unfolded in the Bahmaniwala area of Lodhran.

The unnamed woman fell victim to a heinous act perpetrated by her own husband and brothers-in-law.

The shocking event transpired when the perpetrators callously shaved off the victim’s hair. This was done as a brutal punishment for her refusal to transfer ownership of a piece of land.

It all began with the victim’s marriage, during which her husband reportedly transferred one kanal of land to her.

Tragically, the couple faced the distressing challenge of infertility as the woman was unable to conceive.

The situation escalated when the woman’s husband and brother-in-law demanded her to hand over the land.

Their demand was premised on the belief that the transfer of property was contingent upon the woman bearing children.

In some areas in Pakistan, patriarchal norms are deeply ingrained, where a woman’s worth is tragically tied to her ability to conceive.

When the Pakistani woman refused to surrender the land, they resorted to this horrifying act.

This not only serves as an assault on the woman’s physical integrity but is also a means to disrespect her.

The local authorities, responding to the gravity of the situation, have taken action by arresting the woman’s husband and her brother-in-law.

The victim’s mother, outraged by the shocking turn of events, filed a formal complaint that triggered the police investigation.

The public has also condemned this turn of events and is outraged by it.

One person criticised: “It’s greed, plain and simple. They knew she was an easy target and there were no male relatives to stand up for her or support her.”

Another wrote: “Another day another woman tortured.”

One said: “They should shave her husband and brothers-in-law’s heads.”

Another stated:

“People become savages for a mere piece of land.”

Many deemed Pakistan as “unlivable” and a “terrible country” for women to reside in.

One declared: “Pakistan is a nightmare for women, especially in Punjab.”

Another asked: “Pakistan is still stuck in 1919. When will women find justice from all kinds of domestic violence?”

One demanded: “Where are those molvies now? Who are so quick to kill a woman for wearing ‘questionable’ clothing? But they won’t protect women from other men.”

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