Who is Pakistan’s Richest Woman, Iqraa Hassan Mansha?

Despite being deemed the richest woman in Pakistan, Iqraa Hassan Mansha is quite the mysterious character. We look at her rise to the top!

Who is Pakistan's Richest Woman, Iqraa Hassan Mansha?

"But what people lack is the discipline"

Amidst the colourful mosaic of Pakistan’s economic scene, certain people stand out as shining examples of perseverance and accomplishment.

Iqraa Hassan Mansha, a name associated with riches, influence, and power, stands out among them.

The second richest man in Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Mansha, is the father of Mian Omer Mansha, who is married to Iqraa.

Her career as the wealthiest woman in Pakistan exemplifies the combination of ambition, tenacity, and an unwavering pursuit of greatness.

Outside the walls of established authority, Iqraa’s rise to the top depicts a contemporary titan shattering limits and redefining expectations in a culture dominated by men.

However, with such a vast amount of wealth to her name, she goes under the radar in most discussions.

This is down to her “head down” work ethic and commitment to keeping her business and personal life private.

However, given her extraordinary accomplishments, Iqraa Hassan Mansha does deserve some recognition for her influence on Pakistan’s economy.

Iqraa was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in the late 70s.

Growing up in a middle-class family, she displayed an innate curiosity and aptitude for learning from a young age.

Despite facing financial constraints, Iqraa excelled in her studies, demonstrating a remarkable intellect and determination.

The millionaire holds an MSC in international relations from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a BSC in international politics from the London School of Economics.

After completing her education, Iqraa ventured into the world of business with a clear vision and unwavering ambition.

Who is Pakistan's Richest Woman, Iqraa Hassan Mansha?

Iqraa started with a small boutique in Lahore and went on to have successful collaborations with shopping malls.

Looking back on her journey so far, she speaks highly of how her mother inspired her journey into business. 

What started as a passion for fashion, has now blossomed into her becoming a CEO. She told Karachista in 2017:

“Years ago I would go to a wedding and would think about how good the bride looks, the groom could probably have been better and whether or not the decor is nice.

“But after becoming a mother my perception of life has changed. Being a mother is hard work.

“From being pregnant to making the effort of getting your children through the years at school, instilling the drive to work hard, teaching them about being balanced and inculcating the sense of religion, it all takes a lot.

“So now when I go to a wedding, I take it as a celebration of the success of the parents.”

She recognised opportunities where others saw challenges and quickly made her mark in various industries.

With a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviour, Iqraa began to hold the position of Director on the boards of several businesses.

Her ascent in the business world was swift and impressive.

Through strategic investments and shrewd decision-making, she acquired a diverse portfolio of ventures, ranging from real estate to telecommunications. 

She serves as the CEO of several hotels in Pakistan owned by Nishat Hotels.

In addition, Iqraa is the owner of a London hotel with five stars. Likewise, Iqraa is also a director on the boards of several Pakistani businesses which include:

  • Nishat Hotels and Properties Limited
  • Nishat (Gulberg) Hotels and Properties Limited
  • Nishat (Aziz Avenue) Hotels and Properties Limited
  • Nishat (Raiwind) Hotels and Properties Limited
  • Emporium Properties (Pvt) Limited • Nishat Real Estates Development Company (Pvt) Limited
  • Nishat Hospitality (Pvt) Limited

Who is Pakistan's Richest Woman, Iqraa Hassan Mansha?

As her business empire grew, Iqraa earned accolades and recognition for her contributions to the economy and society at large.

She spearheaded initiatives aimed at empowering women and promoting sustainable development, cementing her reputation as a trailblazer in corporate social responsibility.

Although the details of Iqraa Hassan Mansha’s wealth are unknown, some sources place it at approximately $1 billion.

Her wealth is negligible in comparison to that of Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, who each have a net worth of around $98 billion and $55 billion, respectively.

Additionally, Iqraa’s net worth is far less than that of Savitri Jindal, the richest woman in India.

Savitri’s estimated net worth, according to Forbes, is $16.4 billion.

However, whilst her net worth seems small compared to these business elites should not diminish the impact of her success.

In such a constrained Pakistani economy which goes through huge fluctuations, she has managed to thrive.

Her prosperity is even more impressive because of the male competition. In some parts of the country, the notion that women in business aren’t as ‘skilled’ or ‘valid’ remains.

However, Iqraa has managed to jump over these challenges and trailblaze a path for (hopefully) future female Pakistani entrepreneurs. 

Who is Pakistan's Richest Woman, Iqraa Hassan Mansha?

What also sets Iqraa apart is her privacy.

Despite her busy schedule and demanding professional commitments, Mansha remains deeply rooted in her values and principles.

Speaking to Secret Closet Pakistan, Iqraa revealed her routine and how she juggles family and business: 

“The day starts at 6 am with my boys.

“After dropping them to school, I get a workout in at the gym and head to work at 9 am.

“I try to be home in the afternoon so that I can spend time with my two sons.

“My afternoon consists of multitasking between spending time with my kids and responding to work emails and phone calls.

“After putting the kids to bed at 8 pm, I’m completely wiped out and brain dead.

“That’s when my lovely and energetic husband, Hasan, proposes a sushi date.

“In my mind, it’s all about a simple plate of daal chawal and my bed!”

“In terms of managing businesses, one becomes accustomed to learning HR skills and time management.

“The key is for your time at work to be productive, and I learned that the hard way.

“The talent in Pakistan is beyond amazing but what people lack is the discipline of taking a deadline seriously and that can present itself to be a challenge most of the time.

“But you do encounter people who excel at what they do and those are the game changers.”

Iqraa Hassan Mansha is one of the most prominent personalities in Pakistan’s economic history.

Her narrative is a monument to the potential that Pakistan’s vibrant and diverse population possesses in addition to being one of personal success.

Iqraa is a pioneer of women’s business and empowerment, and her legacy goes beyond material wealth to include a vision of equality, growth, and prosperity for everyone.

Her story inspires numerous aspirants by demonstrating that everything is achievable with tenacity, drive, and a firm conviction in oneself.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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