Jibran Nasir details his marriage to Divorcee Mansha Pasha

Jibran Nasir spoke about his marriage to Mansha Pasha, explaining how he overcame the divorce stigma as she was previously married.

Jibran Nasir details his marriage to Divorcee Mansha Pasha f

Mansha revealed that meeting Jibran changed her perspective.

Jibran Nasir has opened up about his marriage to Mansha Pasha, who was previously married to another man.

Jibran and Mansha make an enchanting celebrity couple, radiating both beauty and sensibility.

Their support for each other’s careers brings joy to their fans, who are always delighted to witness the couple’s bond.

They got married during the Covid-19 lockdown, opting for an intimate celebration.

The nuptial event, marked by its simplicity, became a beautiful testament to their love story.

Recently, the duo appeared on Fuchsia, sharing insights into their marriage and exploring the realms of love and companionship.

The conversation delved into their relationship, painting a heartwarming picture of a union built on understanding and respect.

Opening up about her feelings on remarriage after a divorce, Mansha revealed that meeting Jibran changed her perspective.

She emphasised the uniqueness of each divorce, considering the distinct individuals and families involved.

Mansha expressed her steadfast belief in the institution of marriage. She said that despite the challenges, she never wavered in her commitment to it.

The connection she shared with Jibran played a pivotal role in shaping her conviction.

From the moment they came together, Mansha was certain about wanting to embark on the journey of marriage with Jibran.

Jibran Nasir, a highly regarded lawyer and human rights activist, openly discussed his perspective on marrying Mansha.

He was asked how he got over the taboo which is attached to divorce.

Jibran emphasised the contemporary reality that everyone carries a past, urging against judgment based on it.

Jibran highlighted the significance of understanding that individuals, prospective life partners, have histories.

He rejected the notion of labelling a broken marriage as taboo.

He highlighted the importance of recognising women as human beings rather than treating them as conquered territories.

Jibran Nasir further revealed that, like everyone else, he initially absorbed the prevalent biases of society.

However, expanding his horizons enabled him to unlearn these biases, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around him.

He asked:

“I have to live with the future she brings me, why should I dwell on her past that has already passed?”

Fans have appreciated Jibran’s statement and have expressed their thoughts.

One user said: “He is such a gentleman.”

Another wrote: “A dumb question handled with a logical and sensible answer.”

One commented: “From just looking at them together I know how much love they share.”

Another remarked: “What a progressive man!”

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