Pakistani Stuntman marries 12-year-old Girl

A renowned Pakistani stuntman got married. However, it has caused controversy after it emerged that the girl was 12-years-old.

Pakistani Stuntman marries 12-year-old Girl f

the girl was allegedly taken out of the district by Sultan.

Renowned Pakistani stuntman Sultan Mohammad Golden has caused controversy after it emerged that he married a 12-year-old girl.

It was alleged that the girl’s father had concealed her school certificate and vaccination card. He fraudulently obtained a birth certificate which claimed that she was 18.

However, the girl’s school records revealed her true age.

Chitral district administration intervened in order to take action against Sultan and the girl’s father.

It was reported that the marriage between 60-year-old Sultan and the girl took place in July 2020. The matter was raised with the administration by a local civil society organisation.

Chitral Lower’s deputy commissioner had also constituted a medical board which was notified by the medical superintendent of DHQ Hospital.

The medical board sent a letter to the local police, asking them to produce the girl on September 18 to confirm her age.

However, the girl was allegedly taken out of the district by Sultan.

After failing to produce the girl before the medical board, arrest warrants were issued. They were challenged before the court of an additional district and sessions judge by the suspects.

A hearing is set to take place on October 24, 2020.

Both Sultan and the father have insisted that the girl is 18, however, school records show her date of birth as April 10, 2008.

After the district administration took notice of the issue, the additional assistant commissioner (AAC) was assigned the task to investigate the matter.

The police were also supposed to take action under the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, however, they reportedly did not take action as they said she was 18, based on her Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC).

The girl’s father had also said that he would produce his daughter to police when requested. However, she was taken out of Chitral without notice.

An inquiry has also been started by the local government department against the village council secretary.

The secretary had stated that the birth certificate was issued on the statement of parents of the girl while the school record was concealed.

He said when the school record was checked the said birth certificate was amended accordingly.

As a result, the marriage between the girl and Sultan was cancelled.

The Pakistani stuntman is known for performing stunts in cars and on motorbikes. He achieved fame after jumping over 22 cars in 1987. By doing so, he set a world record.

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