Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled for His ‘Cleavage’

Actor Fahad Mustafa has been mercilessly trolled online once again. This time the popular Pakistani star has been ridiculed for his fashion choice.

Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled for His ‘Cleavage’ f

“Cover your cleavage Fahad"

Pakistani film and television actor Fahad Mustafa has been criticised online for wearing a low-cut top on television.

The actor has appeared in films like Actor in Law (2016), Load Wedding (2018), Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (2018), Mah e Mir (2016) and many more.

He has also starred in various television programmes such as Koi Nahi Apna (2014), Dusri Bivi (2014-2015), Mera Saaein 2 (2012) and many more.

Stereotypically, women are condemned for the way they dress particularly if they wear revealing clothes.

For example, Pakistani actresses like Mahira Khan have been trolled for their out choices.

The actress was subjected to online criticism after being spotted smoking and “dressed inappropriately” with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor.

In another instance, actress Saba Qamar was targeting for wearing “revealing” clothes. She was also likened to Mahira Khan.

Despite the wearer having no problems, people take to social media to bash the person for their outfit choice usually for being ‘inappropriate’.

However, in this instance, the roles were reversed and it was, in fact, a man who was bashed online for his choice of clothing.

Fahad Mustafa appeared on a television show wearing a low-cut black jumper teamed with white trousers.

Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled for His ‘Cleavage’ - fahad

Instantly, a picture of the actor went viral on social media with many users on Twitter trolling Fahad.

One user asked, “Is this Islamic Republic of Pakistan? To which another replied saying, “No it is Fahad Mustafa’s cleavage” followed by several laughing emojis.

Samia Tahir on Twitter sarcastically asked, “Where is dupatta Fahad jannii” followed by a smiling face emojj.

Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled for His ‘Cleavage’ - troll

Another user named Sheikh Hanan on Twitter stated: “Cover your cleavage Fahad what is this bahevioreeeeeeeeeeee.”

Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa trolled for His ‘Cleavage’ - troll2

One user went as far as stating Fahad’s “cleavage” will be the cause of more coronavirus cases. Anastipu said:

“BREAKING: 20 new cases of Corona after seeing behaya Fahad Mustafa’s cleavage.”

This is certainly not the first time Fahad Mustafa has been trolled on Twitter.

In February 2020, the actor was condemned for urging parents not to allow their children to use the popular video app, TikTok. He tweeted:

“To All the parents out there plz keep your kids away from this tik tok b******t its not healthy. Entire nation is busy doing nothing. #DoSomethingProductive.”

As a result of this, he received backlash online for his alleged ignorance.

It appears the popular Pakistani star has not been favoured by his fans lately and has been in the media for all the wrong reasons.

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