Omayr Waqar explains Nose Job Process

Celebrity makeup artist Omayr Waqar revealed he underwent a nose job, explaining the process and his experience afterwards.

Omayr Waqar explains Nose Job Process f

“Swelling is growing slowly and gradually."

Celebrity make-up artist Omayr Waqar underwent a nose job and detailed the process with his social media followers.

Omayr highlighted the procedure and its aftermath in an attempt to normalise being transparent about any cosmetic work.

He stated that he recorded everything so he could share it on his page.

Omayr explained: “I just wanted to let you know that all the videos you’re seeing right now are my journey from the past ten days.

“I had been recording so I could share it with everyone.

“Ignore my eyes. That’s because there’s a lot of pressure on my face and it’s almost impossible to talk.

“Swelling is growing slowly and gradually.

“Also, I forgot to mention, I decided to travel alone for surgery and that is something I wouldn’t recommend unless you are mentally and physically super strong. Post-surgery will not be an easy time.”

Omayr admitted that the first few days after surgery were difficult as he was unable to breathe or eat.

He also shared with his fans that he had panicked when the bleeding would not stop from his nose and that he had to change his bandages eight times in less than an hour.

Omayr Waqar recounted the next couple of days as being uncomfortable but said that he was making a steady improvement.

He notified his fans by saying: “The swelling is better. I’m having some soup. I had to be on a liquid diet for the first five days.

“You are allowed to have solid food after 24 hours, but it is not possible to chew.

“I’m not bleeding today, just a few drops but not like yesterday. I have an appointment tomorrow and it will be decided if I can remove my bandage or not.

“I will see my nose for the first time but I will see the final result after one year.

“But I do want this off my face for now so I can at least wash my face.”

Omayr won the hearts of fans as he continued to go about day-to-day activities despite being uncomfortable and in pain.

He shared his little wins such as being able to walk out of his room and having his bandages removed.

Omayr described the tenth day as one of the easiest he had experienced and stated that he was able to talk more comfortably and the bleeding had reduced drastically.

Omayr Waqar also said that he did not wish to make anyone uncomfortable with his journey.

He insisted he wanted to show people the aftermath so that if anyone was considering cosmetic surgery, they were aware of everything that would follow.

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