NCB raid Ananya Panday’s Home

Amid the ongoing Aryan Khan case, Narcotics Control Bureau officials raided the home of Ananya Panday and issued documents to her.

NCB raid Ananya Panday's Home f

It was claimed that the pair were discussing drugs.

Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials raided the home of Ananya Panday amid the ongoing Aryan Khan case.

Three NCB officials served documents to the actress and have called her in for questioning on October 21, 2021.

The raid was conducted after it was reported that Ananya’s name was featured in the WhatsApp chats of one of the accused on the cruise ship, which saw Aryan and several others arrested.

It also came after the NCB submitted message exchanges between Aryan and an “upcoming Bollywood actress” to a Mumbai court on October 20, 2021.

It was claimed that the pair were discussing drugs.

Ananya and Aryan are part of a group of celebrity children and are known to socialise together. She and Aryan’s sister Suhana are close friends.

It is believed that the NCB is probing A-list celebrities in this investigation.

Over the past year, several high-profile actors have been questioned in connection with a drugs link that emerged during the investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

Aryan Khan has been in prison since October 8, 2021. He was denied bail on October 20 for the third time as it was alleged that WhatsApp messages revealed his involvement in “illicit drug activities”.

Although Aryan’s lawyers said no drugs were found on him, the court said six grams of charas (cannabis concentrate) was concealed in another suspect, Arbaaz Merchant’s shoe.

It is believed that Aryan was aware of it, so “it can be said that it was in conscious possession of both the accused”.

The special court said: “WhatsApp chats prima facie reveals accused Aryan Khan is dealing in illicit drug activities for narcotic substances on regular basis.”

It also said the chats revealed a “nexus of the accused no 1 (Aryan Khan) with suppliers and peddlers”.

The court said:

“Evidence on record shows the accused are part of a larger network.”

“Since the accused are part of the conspiracy, each of them is liable for the entire quantity of drugs seized.

“And that the case of each accused can’t be segregated from each other and can’t be considered in isolation.”

While the NCB raided Ananya Panday’s home, another team visited Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ home in Mumbai.

Officials said the team had to “complete paperwork” and not for any searches.

An NCB officer at Mannat said in a statement:

“The investigation is going on. When NCB officials visit a person or location for questioning that does not mean the person is a culprit or being investigated.

“There are several procedures being followed.”

Earlier on October 21, 2021, Shah Rukh was spotted at Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail to visit his son.

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