Nazish Jahangir responds to Modern Relationships

In an Instagram post, Nazish Jahangir gave her stance on modern relationships, leading to an array of responses.

Nazish Jahangir responds to Modern Relationships f

"Other people’s relationships inspire me to continue being single."

Nazish Jahangir, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, recently took to Instagram to share her perspective on modern relationships.

She candidly offered a glimpse into her sentiments by posting a succinct yet impactful statement on Instagram that read:

“Other people’s relationships inspire me to continue being single.”

As Nazish Jahangir’s words spread on social media, they became a subject to scrutiny.

The post invited a spectrum of reactions from individuals.

Some people resonated with Nazish’s viewpoint. Others found themselves in disagreement, setting the stage for a multifaceted dialogue.

Many people disagreed with her, claiming the fault was not in relationships, but in the toxic entertainment industry.

One said: “Leave showbiz, the fault is in your industry, not in other people.”

Another wrote: “Celebrities have weird mindsets, they do not understand the concept of loyalty I think, which is why their relationships don’t usually last.”

One claimed: “She can’t find a man that’s why she’s ‘choosing’ to stay single.”

Many even called her out for her anti-marriage stance.

One remarked: “Stay single forever? You’ll be alone when times are tough. When you’re on the deathbed.

“There will be no kids, no family because you chose to stay single.”

Another asked: “Why are you looking up to the people who have problematic relationships?

“There are countless people who have successful ones as well, so why not focus on those?”

One commented: “But who asked though, stay single, no one else but YOU would be affected by it.”

Some people found her statement relatable. They resonated harmoniously with her viewpoint, finding a reflection of their own sentiments in her words.

One of them said: “Well said, being alone is better than having a partner these days unfortunately.”

Another agreed, stating: “I totally get you; the people of this generation are void of morals and decency.”

Many netizens equated being single to having freedom and commended her stance.

One commented: “Yes, being single is the best policy. I like my freedom.

“There is no fuss, no expectations to meet and there is freedom from the fear of having a bad life partner.”

Another said: “Absolutely true! The benefits of staying alone outweigh the benefits of being in a relationship. Today’s concept of love is very faulty.”

One wrote: “Sadly she is right, the relationships of today are as fragile as glass.”

Many people believe Nazish Jahangir was indirectly pointing at the media industry couples who split in 2023.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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