Amar Khan claims Celeb Marriages Never Last Long

Amar Khan claimed that celebrity marriages never last long. The actress also gave reasons why she believes this is the case.

Amar Khan claims Celeb Marriages Never Last Long f


"one should always prioritise love over career."

Television actress Amar Khan recently discussed why she thinks celebrity marriages in the Pakistani entertainment industry do not last very long.

Numerous couples from the Pakistani entertainment sector have split up in 2022.

This includes Feroze Khan and Alizeh Sultan, Sana and Fakhr Jafri, Imran Ashraf and Kiran Ashfaque, Aima Baig and Shehbaz, and Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir.

Amar Khan appeared on Fuchsia Magazine’s Pyar Zindagi Aur Karachi and she expressed her opinions on the short marriages of Pakistani celebrity couples.

The actress said: “There could be many reasons behind a marriage breaking up, but one should always prioritise love over career.”

Amar continued by saying that competition between partners frequently results in individuals getting married within the profession.

She claimed that because she works in the same industry, witnessing all of this affects her.

Amar Khan attributed the rising divorce rate in Pakistani celebrity weddings to pressure from the entertainment industry.

The actress also said that one should always attempt to manage time for love while juggling a high-profile career.

Recently, Amar Khan was in Lahore for the Lux Style Awards 2022.

On the red carpet of Pakistan’s grandest and most opulent gala, the actress made a startling announcement.

The Dum Mastam actress revealed that, like the character of Syed Jibran in her ongoing television series Daraar, there are men in the culture who embrace and frequently practise adultery.

Daraar is a tale of love, obsession and fantasies that poses issues and seeks deeper explanations for complicated yet peculiar relationships.

Amar Khan said that women are now strong enough to speak out for their rights and resist betrayal despite being betrayed by their partners.

Daraar tells the story of an innocent young woman named Irha (Amar Khan), who values hard work and provides for her family.

When Shaheer Ahmed (Syed Jibran), a handsome and wealthy businessman, falls in love with her, Irha’s life takes a lucky turn.

It is pertinent to mention that real-world accounts like these do exist, and it does not discriminate against high-profile couples in the Pakistani entertainment business.

Examples of abuse experienced in Pakistani celebrity marriages are not unheard of.

It was in 2022 when Pakistani actor Feroze Khan was accused of domestic abuse and infidelity by his ex-wife Alizeh Sultan.

Fellow actor Mohsin Abbas Haider was also indicted of the same accusations by his ex-wife.

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