Nawal Saeed receives ‘Flirty Messages’ from Pakistani Cricketers

Nawal Saeed claimed she has received flirty messages from Pakistani cricketers, leading netizens to wonder who they are.

Nawal Saeed receives 'Flirty Messages' from Pakistani Cricketers f

“While I chose not to reveal names, messages were received."

Nawal Saeed appeared on a Ramadan show and claimed to have received flirty messages from Pakistani cricketers.

During the show, host Ejaz Aslam brought up the messages Nawal received and said:

“Tell us the names today.”

Previously, she had shared insights into receiving direct messages from cricketers.

Nawal said: “People speculate about the motives behind statements.

“Nonetheless, I disclosed this during a show because I indeed received messages from several cricketers on Instagram.

“While I chose not to reveal names, messages were received.

“I believe cricketers and sports figures hold official positions and prestige and should refrain from sending such messages to girls.”

The hosts and their fellow guests started guessing who the cricketers could be.

Nadia Khan asked: “The one who is very handsome and single? Who are the single cricketers that messaged you?”

Nawal responded: “Why do you think they necessarily need to be single for them to message me?”

Nadia asked: “Is it Shoaib Malik?”

Despite pressure from the hosts to reveal names, Nawal Saeed opted to remain quiet.

When asked if Shoaib Malik was the sender, she initially stayed silent, later responding:

“I forgot the name.”

Nawal Saeed’s discretion regarding the messages has left fans intrigued by the mystery.

A user wrote: “Shoaib Malik’s game needs to be studied. We all know it was him.”

Another added: “Shoaib Malik took four marriages in Islam a little too seriously.”

One noted: “Nawal is just trying to get a little attention on screen.”

Another guessed: “She is Shoaib’s new target I see.”

One commented: “I really think that she is lying.”

Another wrote: “She says the same thing in every show. If she wanted, she could openly deny it when they asked if it was Shoaib.

“But she chose to stay silent because she knew she would get attention this way.”

Others chose to call out the hosts for being disrespectful towards Nawal Saeed.

One asked: “Why were they forcing her to answer such a stupid question? And why did she not shut the allegations and laugh instead?”

Another added: “All they want is for their show to receive a little fame. They were forcing her to say the names and she seemed so uncomfortable.”

Nawal Saeed is a talented actress, who ascended to success after her debut in Yakeen Ka Safar.

Since then, she has graced numerous hit Pakistani television projects, portraying both main and supporting roles.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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