Amir Khan accused of ‘Bombarding’ US Model with Flirty Messages

Amir Khan faces fresh allegations of cheating as a US model claims he bombarded her with flirty messages. He also reportedly begged her to visit him while he trained in San Francisco.

Amir with Faryl and Dasha

"He said: 'I just wanted to hear your beautiful sweet voice, I missed that voice.'"

New cheating allegations have emerged against Amir Khan as a US model claims he sent her suggestive messages, asking her to visit him in San Francisco. While his pregnant wife, Faryal Makhdoom, was 2,500 miles away in New York.

The model, named Dasha Abdelgany, made the accusations when speaking to Mirror Online.

Dasha, aged 31, told the publication that she first got into contact with Amir in late 2017, through Instagram.

While they first engaged in a disagreement, she says the two exchanged numbers. He then allegedly began complimenting her, saying: “Those lips in ur pic. Wow. [sic]” The model told Mirror Online:

“He must have been looking at my picture. I don’t like the idea that people are judged by their looks, if that’s what he’s doing he’s quite shallow.”

She also added that Amir frequently called her: “He said: ‘I just wanted to hear your beautiful sweet voice, I missed that voice.’

“I didn’t expect the call and I was a bit lost, I guess I was ­supposed to return the ­compliment, I just replied ‘and you have a lovely ­accent’. My partner is from Birmingham so he has a British accent as well. But Amir didn’t take the hint that I had a partner.”

He even allegedly left her a series of voicemails.

On 29th January 2018, Amir travelled to the US with Faryal and their daughter Lamaisah. But while he jetted to his San Francisco training camp, Faryal and Lamaisah went to New York.

Dasha claims that Amir resumed his flirty messages, sending one on 1st February. It reportedly read: “I’m in SF… here for four weeks. But alone for a week.” The following text also said: “Will be nice to connect with U. [sic]”

The model also explained: “I live in New York which is a five-hour flight from San Francisco.

“He wanted me to fly to see him before his wife arrived. He said he was there for four weeks to train for his upcoming comeback fight. But he said he was only gonna be alone for a week and I needed to get there asap.

“That call from him got me quite upset and I ended up blocking his numbers.”

The 31-year-old also added that after the bombardment of messages, she searched for him on Google.

“I found out how many other women he already cheated on his wife with. I genuinely feel bad for her position.”

Dasha’s claims come after the boxer responded to cheating allegations, saying they were “unfair”. He also suggested that women set him up by asking for photos.

His response came after two models accused him of cheating on Faryal. While one claimed she had met up with him for a passionate encounter, another said he attempted to arrange a date with her.

Reports add that a spokesperson for Amir Khan declined to comment. It seems then the boxer is placing more attention on his boxing return than this new set of allegations.

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