Met Officer lived ‘Lavish Lifestyle’ thanks to Drug Lord Husband

It has been revealed that a sacked Met Police officer was able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle thanks to her drug lord husband.

Met Officer lived 'Lavish Lifestyle' thanks to Drug Lord Husband f

police raided their Enfield home in 2020, they found cocaine

It can now be revealed that a ‘beauty queen’ Met Police officer lived a luxury lifestyle because she was married to a drug dealer.

On December 9, 2022, Rasvinder Agalliu’s husband Julian was found guilty of conspiracy to supply drugs.

Mrs Agalliu had already been sacked in November 2022 following a police disciplinary panel.

Before it could not be reported that the full reason for her dismissal was that the panel found it “inconceivable” she did not know about her husband’s drug dealing.

According to The Times, Julian boasted about his wife’s police job to contacts.

Met Officer lived 'Lavish Lifestyle' thanks to Drug Lord Husband

When police raided their Enfield home in 2020, they found cocaine, including on her David Lloyd gym card and in a Louis Vuitton box.

There were also digital scales, over £15,000 in cash and a Met radio, assigned to an officer who left the force months earlier in her handbag.

She was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply the drugs after police searched her two London properties.

Mrs Agalliu claimed to have joined the Met at the age of 17 and was an officer for almost 20 years before she was dismissed without notice.

On October 25, 2020, officers also executed a search warrant at a former address.

There they seized items including body armour belonging to her, a set of handcuffs, items of uniform and a set of case papers and interview discs relating to PC Agalliu’s investigation of an offence.

The married mother-of-three takes part in beauty pageants, claims to be a fitness instructor and said she “dreams” of being cast in film or TV.

In one of her modelling profiles, PC Agalliu wrote:

“So just a little story about me.

“I have been a police officer for 17 years get told you’re so glamorous by colleagues to the point they make me feel I should be doing a more creative role.

“I am the type of woman who likes taking pride in my appearance and putting my face on every morning which really motivates me for the day.”

Met Officer lived 'Lavish Lifestyle' thanks to Drug Lord Husband 2

The former police officer was not charged with drug offences but was found to have breached the Met’s standards of professional behaviour.

The misconduct panel also found she breached the force’s standards on respect of honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct, duties and responsibilities and orders and instructions.

It was reported that the disciplinary panel rejected her defence, saying it lacked credibility.

The panel also cited her and her husband’s “lavish lifestyle”.

This included a £5,000-a-month rental property and luxury cars.

She claimed that her husband earned between £1,000 and £4,000 a week for his work as a private chef working in footballers’ homes. However, her claims were dismissed.

Mr Agalliu was found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court and will be sentenced on February 9, 2023.

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