Kuch Ankahi – The Must Watch Drama of 2023

Pakistani drama ‘Kuch Ankahi’ stars Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas and it has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and themes.

Kuch Ankahi - The Must Watch Drama of 2023 f

The drama had the audience hooked

Pakistani drama Kuch Ankahi has proven to be a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world.

The drama has been deemed a class apart from the usual love stories as it delves into the reality of working women in Pakistan.

It revolves around a number of characters and social issues, focusing hugely on human psychology. Kuch Ankahi explores women’s empowerment, marrying late and learning to live with your consequences.

The drama had the audience hooked from the very first episode, showing Agha Jaan (Mohammad Ahmed) having to deal with correspondence from his siblings, ordering him to sell the house he lives in with his family.

The house was left to him by his father before he passed away, but his brothers demand that because he has daughters and no sons, they should be given their share in the inheritance and that his daughters should not be given anything.

It takes a turn when Agha Jaan’s sister Sofia (Vaneeza Ahmed) turns up at the doorstep asking for her share in the inheritance.

With Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas taking the lead roles, the drama has touched massively on daughters being the support system for their family, going out to work and often working overtime, something which is not often seen.

Sajal plays Aaliya, who proves that daughters are just as good as sons.

She is shown to be working hard, often late, in order to muster up the money so that her father can save the house they all live in.

Bilal portrays Salman, who rivals Aaliya, unable to get on with one another they are often found to try and outdo one another in their workplace.

The relationship between the two characters has been compared to the likes of Tom and Jerry, in their inability to get on with one another, and learning later that they rely heavily on one another to deal with situations thrown at them.

Mira Sethi plays Samiya, Aaliya’s older sister who is constantly taunted about not being married despite reaching the age of 28.

This sensitive issue is handled beautifully, highlighting the fact that an unmarried happy daughter is better than a miserably married one.

Mira nails her role. She gives in to the pressure of her mother, played by Irsa Ghazal, and agrees to an arranged marriage with someone who is already in a relationship with an office colleague.

As the drama unfolds, we see how Samiya wins the love of her fiance (Ali Safina) and mother-in-law (Asma Abbas) by overcoming the trials and tribulations that life throws at her.

Qudsia Ali brings lighthearted moments with her character Tanya. As the youngest of the sisters, Tanya’s presence brings the joy of youth to our screens with her humour.

One storyline which has touched the hearts of viewers is Meena’s, who works for the Aghas.

Although religion is not highlighted, subtle hints are thrown that Meena is not of the same religion as the house she works for, yet along with her children, she is treated like an equal.

Meena’s story touches on child labour and abuse when she sends her young son Deepak to work with the local tailor in order to bring in extra income.

The story of Kuch Ankahi has been written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed and is directed by Nadeem Baig.

It is billed as a “modern-day and light-hearted drama that is full of messages”.

Topics such as the legal and religious rights of women to property, workplace harassment, marital pressure, and body shaming, have been very tactfully discussed in this drama, giving this masterpiece an edge.

The show’s description reads: “The plot revolves around Agha Jaan’s ancestral house where he lives with his three daughters.

“Agha is not willing to share the property with his sister, and his second daughter Aaliya is working day in and day out to settle the claims over the house.”

Kuch Ankahi began on January 7, 2023, and has a prime time slot of 8 pm every Saturday.

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